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A Bit About Me

Home of the Winning Wish - About MeI am Sancheo, an extreme hermit that rarely leaves home unless to go replenish my senses while paragliding with friends. To box me in terms would probably be a fire-dancing, wood-crafting, leather-working, transcribing, single parent with an incredible gift of divination.

However, for all intents and purposes I am an International Tarot Mentor and Tarot reader, Runic Reader, and Self-Growth Expert, but let us skip the titles because most importantly, I am here for you!

You see, I found myself in a tad of a dilemma a couple of years back. I had left my life-partner to start a life on my own. However, I wasn't entirely on my own as I had a daughter whom I had to support. My CV was "Ex Narcotic Cop" and "stay-at-home mum", which didn't really help me in finding a job. Before I knew it, I soon found myself and daughter living in my mum's 3x6m wendy-house with no means of income.

Having had an absolute fascination about the esoteric, I studied the reading of Runes and Tarot since a young age. My years of being a 'stay-at-home mum' were filled with intense laborious hours of appreciation, practice and studies. And having written hundreds of accurate police reports, I decided to turn my passion of the esoteric and writing into an income.

Soon I was able to purchase my own .com sites and thereby opened The Winning Wish | Be Divine and The Write Styles | Helping Writers Write For A Living. I thereby found that the more I helped others, the more I could help myself. My daughter and I now live in a gorgeous home with our cats and birds from which I seek to assist more people to achieve their dream lives.

My goal is to assist you gain deeper insight into the underlying factors of your quandaries, gain objectivity surrounding your situations, and live an abundant life. It is that important to share passion and energize those around me. I have studied tarot for about two decades, if not more. Over the years I have added Astrology, Dream Analysis, iChing, Runes and Numerology to my tools of divination. I am also a healer and am passionate about helping people achieve their greatest spiritual and emotional health. Combined with spiritual guidance, I often make use of Neuro-linguistic Programming and/or Conditioning as well as light hypnosis.

Blessed Be,

What my querents have to say

You seem to know just what questions to ask and what things to encourage people to think about…thank you 🔥

Carol A.

I like it when a plan comes together.

Ian N.

I am speechless..excited…brought to tears, but most of all Hopeful after your amazingly profound reading! Thank You so much🙏

Carol A.

I haven’t admitted any of this to anybody. I’m feeling rather spooked, this was a bit more than I expected.

Tracy K.

You are the best! Perfect! You’ve managed to read into even that which I wasn’t too sure I wanted to share!

Esmerelda S.

I have never seen something as amazing as this. Everything is exactly to the point. Thank you, Megzz.

Megan B.

Once again, thank you for this Sancheo, this makes so much sense to me. I actually now look forward to getting started!

Kim J.

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