The Message of the 8 of Swords

8 of Swords How many times have you felt totally entrapped by your “circumstance”, or ‘stressed’ beyond relief? If so my friend, the 8 of Swords resonates with you. The 8 of Swords is often portrayed as rather gloomy. I would like to share some ideas with you about how the 8 of swords actually shares […]

Top 5 insightful Tarot Experiences To Help You Get Ahead.

Today Brigit Esselmont from Biddy Tarot shares her top 5 insightful Tarot Experiences to help you get ahead. Perhaps you live in a small village with not too many “tarot-minded” folk? Or perhaps you wish to leave your corporate job to begin your full-time “not so airy fairy” Tarot Business? Brigit has been through these experiences and more, today […]

Your Blueprint to Understanding the Tarot

I am only going to touch the very tip of the iceberg and share what I believe is but a mere blueprint to understanding the Tarot. Many believe that the Tarot is super complicated and you cannot read it unless you are able to build a space rocket. Sure, there is always more to learn about the […]

9 Fun Facts about Runes and how to implement them in day-to-day life

Welcome to the magical world of Runes, one of the most ancient means of divination, protection and meditation known to man. May these 9 Fun Facts about Runes inspire you, motivate you, and fill you with magical creativity! Enjoy 🙂 9 Fun Facts about Runes and how to implement them in day-to-day life As there is much written about the Runes, […]

141 Pertinent Questions for the Trumps

Ultimately the Tarot depends on the questions you ask. As querents you are seekers and thereby you need the right questions to find the right answers. These are some of the more pertinent questions for the Trumps that I feel will help you most on your journey. 141 Pertinent Questions for the Trumps The Trumps, or Major Arcana […]

The Tarot’s Royal family and their Elements

The Royal family of the Tarot very often become a quandary in a Tarot reading. Understanding the Tarot’s Royal family and their Elements will assist you in understanding each Court Card’s personality. Grasping the relationship held within the Court Card itself truly makes a huge difference, especially when identifying the relationships between the Court Card and its neighboring […]

10 Great Ideas for Cleansing and Storage of Tarot

There are many great Tarotists that have their own cleansing and storage of Tarot deck theories and thereby I strongly urge you to formulate your own too. Use this article as a guideline to find what works for you. As your cards hold certain energy, it will be up to you to keep rejuvenating them and […]

Determine your Birth Card and Soul Card in the Tarot

One of the most exciting readings in Tarot is when you determine your Birth and Soul card and meditate on the message they bring. These two fundamental Tarot cards can shed so much light on what really drives you and why you make the decisions that you do. The best way to get ahead is to really understand yourself. After […]

7 Tarot Cards That Help Change Your Situation

7 Tarot Cards That Help Change Your Situation is a meditative spread to aid you in finding peace of mind, grant you a fresh perspective when approaching your circumstances and thereby allow you to make the positive changes that you deserve. 7 Tarot Cards That Help Change Your Situation To begin with this spread, simply find a quiet place where with no […]