Tyr’s Aett: Root of Re-Creation

Third Ættir of the Elder Futhark Runes

Tyr's Ætt in the Elder Futhark Runes

Each Ætt brings about its own nature and energy. Tyr's Ætt, which relate to the last eight runes of the Elder Futhark Runes, is about life and death and thereby transition into re-creation.

The first rune, as per this Ætt's name, represents the head of the Germanic pantheon, Tyr. This is complex rune therefore carries much energy and represents victory, protection and naturally, cosmic justice.

The second, Berkana, is the atonement and thereby, the 'birthing', which transpires after Tyr.

The third, Ehwaz, is the cosmic assistance in the rehabilitation process.

The fourth, Mannaz, then refers to the individual person who evolves after this process.

The fifth, Laguz, refers to water and thereby our forming intuitive selves.

The sixth, Inguz, is then that newly planted seed which is within each of us that now needs to grow.

The seventh, Dagaz, is thus the various cycles of evolution.

The eighth and final rune, Othilla, is thus that which have inherited throughout our journey.

ᛏ ᛒ ᛖ ᛗ ᛚ ᛝ ᛞ ᛟ

Refers to internal influences
Tools at our disposal


Teiwaz (ti'-vaz) "T"

Meaning of Runes - Teiwaz (ti'-vaz) "T"
Teiwaz (ti'-vaz) "T"

As per the naming of the Tyr Ætt, Teiwaz represents Tyr and thereby victory, honor and justice. However, as this is a spiritual rune and suggests the honest motivation of a spiritual warrior. Teiwaz is about positive personal sacrifice in order to attain higher results.


Analytical, authority, balance, bravery, valor, victory, recognizing the positive, justice, leadership qualities, masculine qualities, spiritual warrior.

Teiwaz Reversed (R)

Meaning of Runes - Teiwaz (ti'-vaz) "T"Reversed
Teiwaz (ti'-vaz) "T"Reversed

If you look at Teiwaz upright, you can ascertain how you have now "fallen from grace" and thereby fighting a losing battle. Teiwaz (R) is a warning to take time out and redirect our management, find our balance and ensure honesty in our dealings.


Blocked, conflict, dishonesty, failure, mismanagement, discrepancies, fatigue,  inability to fight for what you believe in, dilemmas, losing the will to get ahead.


Berkana (berk'-ah-nah) "B"

Meaning of Runes Berkana (berk'-ah-nah) "B"
Berkana (berk'-ah-nah) "B"

Following on from Teiwaz, Berkana is now representing the feminine side and thereby the nurturing nature of the rune. Berkana brings the birthing, healing and thereby life changes into play. When dealing with Berkana, you are reminded of spring and thereby new beginnings.

As earlier mentioned, Berkana is the feminine aspect of Teiwaz, you can see how this rune thereby relates to birthing of relationships and even the sexual relations within those relationships. In a more feminine aspect, you can rightly assume that Berkana relates to the female cycles, pregnancy and birthing process. Berkana, in addition, relates to healing and midwifery.

As per The Empress in Tarot, Berkana is about new seeds sown, but emphasizes the nurturing, patient, cycle more than the immediate results. Download Tarot for Newbies to learn more about the Tarot. 



Birch Tree, growth, Earth Mother, fertility, healing, life passage, new ventures, nurturing, rebirth, transition, love, purification, sexual relations.

Berkana (berk'-ah-nah) "B" Reversed

Berkana (berk'-ah-nah) "B" Reversed
Berkana (berk'-ah-nah) "B" Reversed

When reversed, Berkana can be referring to feminine problems, but can also be referring to lack of that 'motherly touch'. Berkana in reversal refers to that in need of support, nurturing, caring and growth.

It is easy to see how the reversed Berkana can then also imply neediness, immaturity and 'tough love' or even 'cold shoulder'.


Lacking, needy, stagnation, reduction, loss, need for assistance.

Ehwaz (eh'-vaz) "Eh"

Meaning of Runes Ehwaz (eh'-vaz) "Eh"Ehwaz (eh'-vaz) "Eh"Ehwaz, the Horse, represents not only a horse, but that special bond and control needed between the rider and the horse. Within that connection you can see how it is important to have control, but also a natural 'feel' of control required in your situation.

In the same breath, you can determine how Ehwaz relates to the cooperation needed within partnerships in order to move forward toward a mutual goal.


Horse, will power, drive, force, trust, confidence, purpose, loyalty, partnership, cooperation.


Ehwaz (eh'-vaz) "Eh" Reversed

Meaning of Runes Ehwaz (eh'-vaz) "Eh"ReversedEhwaz (eh'-vaz) "Eh"ReversedYou can now see that there is a blockage of some form transpiring when Ehwaz is reversed. As a reversal, Ehwaz is alluding to you that there is disharmony or betrayal of some sort.


Uncontrolled situation, termination, bewilderment, discrepancies, loss, indecisiveness mistrust, abuse, treachery, laziness, confusion,  parting of ways, disorientation.

Mannaz (man'-az) "M"

Mannaz (man'-az) "M"Mannaz (man'-az) "M"The human as an individual. Mannaz refers to that part of you that distinguishes you from all others and thereby your true self. Within this connection, you can see how this refers to you within your social network, but also you acquiring your fullest potential.

By looking at the rune, you can see how stable it is, it almost looks reinforced and thereby it reflects your stability.  This rune is most beneficial when you need to reach an advantage point in your concerns.


Individual, creativity, intellect, planning, communication, balance, acceptance, kinship, effectiveness, interaction.

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Mannaz (man'-az) "M" Reversed

Mannaz (man'-az) "M" ReversedMannaz (man'-az) "M" ReversedAs a reversal, Mannaz refers to disintegration of your social network. Are you perhaps being warned of arrogance or are you just being anti-social? Mannaz (R) is reminding you that you may well be behaving in a selfish or self-centered manner.

Mannaz (R) is a reminder that you need to first deal with inner matters before attempting to clear matters surrounding you.


Resistant to change, rigid, nonconforming, cruel, rude, inability to work with others.


Laguz (lah'-guz) "L"

Meaning of Runes Laguz (lah'-guz) "L"
Laguz (lah'-guz) "L"

As Water, Laguz represents that feminine source of life. Within Laguz, you are relating to the intuitive, emotional and even magical workings set in place. This is where the psychic realm begins and your inner abilities begin to flow.

As per water, Laguz is representing fluidity and thereby the strength of the tides and flows of rivers. This, as with any of the primal elements, it's use is either constructive or have dire consequences.


Water, psychic abilities, flow, emotion, spirituality, Divine intervention, energy force, unveiling between the known and the unknown, life potential, secretive.


Laguz (lah'-guz) "L" Reversed

Meaning of Runes Laguz (lah'-guz) "L" ReversedLaguz (lah'-guz) "L" ReversedHaving explored Laguz upright, it is clear of the reversal's meaning. Laguz is warning you that perhaps you are stagnating in your efforts and therefore not processing your thoughts in a way that is constructive toward your goal. Are you being a tad shallow minded? Are you suppressing your feelings?

Another interesting aspect of reversed Laguz, is that you are finding difficulties with relating to female relations, or even your feminine side, thereby unsympathetic, disinterested or even unable to grow in your field.


Stagnant, murky, things seem unclear, emotions running wild, frivolous, immature, disconnected, oversensitive, rage, temper tantrums, damage.


Inguz (een'-guz) "ng"

Meaning of Runes Inguz (een'-guz) "ng"
Inguz (een'-guz) "ng"

Inguz signifies the potential to channel energy in order to attract that which you most need. It mostly refers to the outcome, more than the actual seed being planted, i.e the birth more than the pregnancy. However, in the same breath, it is strongly linked with sexuality and affectionate bonding.

With that said, the other aspect of a hearth is the fire. Thereby, once again a primal element, the fire of Inguz is also a spiritual fire that adds energy, potential and aids as a beacon between you and the Divine. With Inguz, you feel reconnected, safe and warm.


Hearth, seed, peace, plenty, wisdom, completion of a cycle - the birthing of the next, inner growth, male fertility, potential, energy, re-connection, concepts, shelter.


Dagaz (dag'-az) "D"

Meaning of Runes Dagaz (dag'-az) "D"
Dagaz (dag'-az) "D"

Dagaz (dag'-az) "D"Here you have another irreversible rune. Dagaz represents cycles, day-to-night, season-to-season, and the changes which transpire between. In short, Dagaz would then be that 'epiphany' moment that brings about change and the transition that then transpires. Due to the nature of the rune, it is simple to see how Dagaz is a powerful protective rune.


Cycles, balance, success, achievement, harmony, positivity, breakthrough, growth, transformation, end of a difficult situation, change, day.

Othilla (oh'-thil-uh) "O"

Meaning of Runes Othilla (oh'-thil-uh) "O"Othilla (oh'-thil-uh) "O"Othilla, Inheritance, represents the gifts which have been bestowed on you. These are either physical or spiritual 'gifts'. Thereby, Othilla refers to your home within the society or your spiritual heritage. That said, you can now ascertain that Othilla is referring to that which your culture grants you and also that which you have inherited from your ancestors.


Inheritance, spiritual heritage, family loyalty, prosperity of your group or family, tribal, village, home, assets, tradition and learning from the past.

Othilla (oh'-thil-uh) "O" Reversed

Meaning of Runes Othilla (oh'-thil-uh) "O" ReversedOthilla (oh'-thil-uh) "O" ReversedIn a reversed position, Othilla refers to home-related problems and the difficulties found at home. There are definite warnings of discord and disruption found within the reversed Othilla.

Naturally, Othilla (R) relates to disinheritance or being shunned from the family or society. Another aspect of Othilla (R) would be racism, homophobia, xenophobia and all the other means of dissociation found within geographic areas and cultures.


Loss of that to which is entitled to you.


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