5 easy steps to intuitively reading Tarot

5 easy steps to intuitively reading Tarot

I have studied the Tarot for about two decades, if not longer, and I believe that there is still much to learn. However, you can use these 5 easy steps to intuitively reading Tarot to do your own intuitive readings in under 7 minutes. After all, the Tarot is an art form based on intuition, not so? So here we go, get your tarot deck out and let’s get those intuitive juices flowing! Good Luck and have fun 🙂

5 easy steps to intuitively reading Tarot

1.What is your question?

Think about your question and shuffle it into the cards. Try to maintain responsibility when asking your question because thereby you maintain power in your circumstance. So instead of asking, “Will I succeed?” Rather ask, “What do I need to know in order to succeed?”

2.Select your card

Select a card and place it in front of you. What is your first impression of the card? What feelings does the card awaken? Write down or journal your initial thoughts of this card.

5 easy steps to intuitively reading Tarot3. See in the picture

Imagine yourself entering into your card. Describe what is happening. Journal all the people, or the coins, or whatever it is you are seeing happening around you. Or are you an outsider looking in? Note your connection to the card.

4. How does this relate to your question?

Now merge your circumstances with those of the card. How do they resonate? What does the suit tell you about the situation? What is the character showing you?

5. Summarize

When you have written all your findings down, summarize them into a single sentence or two.

Congratulations – you have just done your very first intuitive reading!

One of my favorite business associates, Brigit Esselmont, has written what is probably one of the most simplest Tarot Books, The Ultimate Guide, which you can purchase below. Brigit has a talent for simplifying things as is seen in an interview I had with her and I am confident her book will have you reading like an expert in no time.

I trust these 5 easy steps to intuitively reading Tarot will help you and get you reading like a pro. Please feel free to inbox me your thoughts, ideas or suggestions, or leave a comment or two.

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