About Tarot

There is much written about Tarot on the internet, so this is but the tip of the magnificent iceberg. Essentially, the suit of Wands, Cups, Swords, Disks, and Trumps make up the deck of Tarot. These 78 cards have been traditionally used for either game, tools of divination or a means of meditation.

The Tarot

About Tarot - Become a psychicWhat is important for me is to allude to you that anybody can read the Tarot. Sure, some people may have a calling. Some people are born psychic and have special 'gifts'. However, is it possible that your interest in the Tarot can enable you to 'unwrap' your gift?

Personally, I believe in the "Seek and you will find", "Knock and the door will be opened" outlook with regards to learning more about Tarot. If you really wish to learn, you truly will find your answers that you seek.



The Tarot is here for us all. It is a powerful tool to assist you in connecting with that which you may not always be aware of. It is an instrument that empowers people in all walks of life, with no bias as to profession or creed.

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Tarot in day-to-day life

The Tarot is divided into different 'classes', analogous to your daily living. From day to day you have your 'Spiritual' needs, these needs are reflected in the Trump cards, which are often known as Major Arcana cards. Your social needs however, are reflected in the Pip cards, also known as Minor Arcana cards. These again are divided (as per the various divisions in your social life) into Court Cards and numbered cards.

But as there are various aspects in your day to day needs, the Pip cards are once again divided to suit each of your needs and are therefore divided into four suits. These suits pertain not only to your needs, but also to the elements granted to us to deal with our needs.

The Winning Wish

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