Start your career as a Psychic Online Advisor

Becoming a successful Psychic Online Advisor was definitely not seen as a “real career” back in the day… Since I can remember, my biggest dream was to be a “gypsy”.  I longed to have crystal balls and Tarot cards surrounding me. I drank in each gypsy-themed movie and book.  Start your career as a Psychic Online Advisor […]

The Unified Esoteric Tarot deck

When I first heard of the Unified Esoteric Tarot Deck, I made it my business to find out more. I immediately joined the Unified Esoteric Group on Facebook to find out the inner workings of this mystical deck. This deck is reaching its peak on Indiegogo and I am so fortunate to become a part of […]

Read the Celtic Cross Tarot Spread with confidence

The full 10-Card Celtic Cross Tarot Spread is probably one of the most difficult Tarot Spreads to interpret, yet when completely understood, this incredible spread offers more enlightenment than any other. Sure, the Celtic Cross is normally printed in each Tarot Deck booklet and each interpretation is similar to the next. Here’s how to read […]

Interview with Tarot Reader, Tess Sutton

Tess Sutton is not your average Tarotist. She is a Tarot mentor, a student, a single parent, and has now finally launched her own website. This diverse tarotist really expresses depth and understanding in all her writings. Today I am extremely honored to have an interview with Tarot Reader, Tess Sutton. I trust you will find her as […]

9 Fun Facts about Runes and how to implement them in day-to-day life

Welcome to the magical world of Runes, one of the most ancient means of divination, protection and meditation known to man. May these 9 Fun Facts about Runes inspire you, motivate you, and fill you with magical creativity! Enjoy 🙂 9 Fun Facts about Runes and how to implement them in day-to-day life As there is much written about the Runes, […]

141 Pertinent Questions for the Trumps

Ultimately the Tarot depends on the questions you ask. As querents you are seekers and thereby you need the right questions to find the right answers. These are some of the more pertinent questions for the Trumps that I feel will help you most on your journey. 141 Pertinent Questions for the Trumps The Trumps, or Major Arcana […]

The Tarot’s Royal family and their Elements

The Royal family of the Tarot very often become a quandary in a Tarot reading. Understanding the Tarot’s Royal family and their Elements will assist you in understanding each Court Card’s personality. Grasping the relationship held within the Court Card itself truly makes a huge difference, especially when identifying the relationships between the Court Card and its neighboring […]

10 Great Ideas for Cleansing and Storage of Tarot

There are many great Tarotists that have their own cleansing and storage of Tarot deck theories and thereby I strongly urge you to formulate your own too. Use this article as a guideline to find what works for you. As your cards hold certain energy, it will be up to you to keep rejuvenating them and […]