10 Great Ideas for Cleansing and Storage of Tarot

There are many great Tarotists that have their own cleansing and storage of Tarot deck theories and thereby I strongly urge you to formulate your own too. Use this article as a guideline to find what works for you. As your cards hold certain energy, it will be up to you to keep rejuvenating them and […]

Determine your Birth Card and Soul Card in the Tarot

One of the most exciting readings in Tarot is when you determine your Birth and Soul card and meditate on the message they bring. These two fundamental Tarot cards can shed so much light on what really drives you and why you make the decisions that you do. The best way to get ahead is to really understand yourself. After […]

7 Tarot Cards That Help Change Your Situation

7 Tarot Cards That Help Change Your Situation is a meditative spread to aid you in finding peace of mind, grant you a fresh perspective when approaching your circumstances and thereby allow you to make the positive changes that you deserve. 7 Tarot Cards That Help Change Your Situation To begin with this spread, simply find a quiet place where with no […]

Serpents in Divination

Serpents in Divination If we were to remove Ego from Christianity, Paganism, and Religion, what would these ‘orders’ then be? The world without ego would be Godly, as everything would then be experienced and appreciated with love and respect. Biblical Aspects Man has written and emphasized that the serpent deceived Eve, thus the snake became the […]

Introduction to the truth of the pentacle

Introduction To The Truth Behind The Pentacle. Before we can introduce the pentacle to Tarot, we need to understand the basic gist of the elusive five-pointed star, and thereby gain a deeper perspective about why they would be illustrated in many Tarot Decks. I invite you to widen your mind to the Chinese Elements, the Greek […]