The Unified Esoteric Tarot deck

When I first heard of the Unified Esoteric Tarot Deck, I made it my business to find out more. I immediately joined the Unified Esoteric Group on Facebook to find out the inner workings of this mystical deck. This deck is reaching its peak on Indiegogo and I am so fortunate to become a part of […]

Review of Fairy Tale Lenormand deck.

I was most excited to receive my little parcel in the mail a while back. Having interviewed my new cards, I must admit that I really enjoyed my findings. This deck has surprised me. I, therefore, would like to share my thoughts with you in this Review of Fairy Tale Lenormand deck. Review of Fairy […]

Some ideas for you to use with your new unique crystal

Have you received a new unique crystal lately? Most often it is imperative to clear or purify new crystals of their preceding handler’s energies. You can easily accomplish this by allowing your crystal to rest in a bowl of cool water with an added pinch of salt. Allow the sun or moon to shine on […]

Unveiling pertinent myths and truths of witches

Personally, I have a black cat and a black cloak, my hair is always a mess, I definitely prefer Halloween to all other holidays and if you give me a half a chance, I will share thoughts of astrology, divination, herbs and magic for hours… Oh, wait, I haven’t figured how to fly my broomstick […]

Using Shadow Cards during Tarot Reading

The shadow card functions as a magical tool in your reading. This card shines light on anything that hiding behind shadows, underlying, unexposed. Using shadow cards is a means of navigating the unknown mindset of your querent. Using Shadow Cards Carl Jung referred to our darker sides and ego personalities as ‘shadow’ sides that we hardly […]

Understanding Elder Futhark Runes

There are various Runic alphabets, here you will be learning and understanding Elder Futhark Runes and their meanings. Proto-Germanic reconstructed names form the basis of the name of each rune. As there are many runic alphabets, I must implore you not to mix rune sets when doing a reading as this may lead to incoherent outcomes.

British Musician and Songwriter, Peter W, Overcomes Addiction.

After writing Discover your strength in the 9 of swords, I was so excited when Peter contacted me! Here is a man that is really making a huge difference with his inner strength. So this is not the norm of posts found on The Winning Wish, but it’s definitely a Winning Wish come true. This British, […]

Discover your strength in the 9 of Swords

The suit of swords represent the element of Air and thereby deals with your intellect and thought processes. The Ace of Swords represents the beginning of a new thought process or fresh idea. Each number then would then take the process to the next level or stage of thought. It stands to reason that you could well feel as if you’re […]

Your Blueprint to Understanding the Tarot

I am only going to touch the very tip of the iceberg and share what I believe is but a mere blueprint to understanding the Tarot. Many believe that the Tarot is super complicated and you cannot read it unless you are able to build a space rocket. Sure, there is always more to learn about the […]