Clear and Direct


ConsultationWhy book a reading with me?

Allow me to assist you to identify the cause of your issue instead of having to continuously mend the results that you manifest.

I offer the invaluable empowerment of transformation. Receive a clear concise straightforward unbiased view of your situation and thereby the structure needed in order to move ahead.

I value the genuine feedback I receive from my customers:

“Thank you for your detailed and straight forward reading”

“Whooo a lot to think about?”

Transforming your mind to a state of clarity Osho Zen Tarot
Transforming your mind to a state of clarity Osho Zen Tarot

No, I do not promise sunshine and roses on a rainy day, but will help you dance in the rain until you reach your goal:

“Always reliable honest delivers her messages in a caring manner good or bad..very awesome.”

I do have long term customers who appreciate the steady growth they gain from my readings:

“Very honest, always a pleasure to talk to. Would follow up on my situation again.”

I have been reading Tarot for decades. I have mentored internationally and have worked the Psychic hotlines for years, reading up to 1500 readings per year and still maintaining a 5-star ranking.

My ultimate goal is for you to realize your true potential.

Tarot Readings

The Tarot is here for us all. It is a powerful tool to assist us in connecting with that which we aren’t always aware of. It is an instrument that empowers people in all walks of life, with no bias as to profession or creed. Read More of the Tarot here.

Short Tarot Reading
Experience that, “Aah, I should have guessed!” moment.

Short Tarot Reading

This reading consists of three to five cards.

It is the most generally used reading as it explains the structure of what is transpiring and thereby gives a bullet of clarity to the customer.

On the go clarity with insights that are sure to adjust your focus.



CBD TdM 5 to 8Medium Tarot Reading

This reading is one for finding clarity within a known situation.

The Medium Tarot Reading is for finding guidance within a known situation when you are unclear of which step to take next.

Here we use between 5 and 8 cards for deeper insights.



Large Tarot ReadingLarge Tarot Reading

This reading is for more complicated matters, using between 8 and 12 cards, allowing you insights from the root of the situation to the options at hand.

This reading allows for earnest self-reflection, illuminating that which needs a release, which needs acknowledgment, that which you should aspire to and how to achieve your goals.

What is rather fabulous is being able to identify your obstacles and thereby feel empowered to choose the right path for yourself.

This reading is transformative.



Ciro Marchetti Gilded Reverie Lenormand Grand Tableau Reading
Ciro Marchetti Gilded Reverie Lenormand Grand Tableau Reading With The Wild Unknown Clarifiers in the bottom right corner.

Lenormand Grand Tableau

The Grand Tableau is an amazing interwoven story of your situation and circumstances. The paths and lines move and connect in means to identify each aspect that you face and express the depth of each aspect.

In this reading of 36 to 47 cards, you will find yourself enthralled by the cornerstones of your situation, by the seeing which aspect is knighting you and what actions are at your disposal. The Grand Tableau is mesmerizing and remains one of the most intricate means of taking responsibility for our mundane aspects of life.

Read more about the Lenormand readings here.



Natal Charts
Natal Charts

Natal Chart

Your Natal Chart acts as your personal manual. This reading will indicate to you that which is your weak point, your strength, how you work with money, and what is sabotaging your efforts. This reading will explain each of your influences, from love to career and beyond.

Because of the time invested in drawing up your natal chart, as it is all done manually and not some computer-generated story, it does not come cheap. The picture attached gives you some idea of the raw notes before I type them out for you. However, you will find this most interesting and will discover so much about yourself and why you react to situations the way you do.



Dream Analysis

Dream Analysis

We spend up to a third of our lives in a dream state. Within that time period, we often find ourselves on the most incredible journey with such intense experiences that it actually jolts one awake.

With you providing the basis of your dream, I will go through the dream with you and assist you to understand what it is that your subconscious mind is relaying to you.

Dream analysis is a window into the various stages of your consciousness that allows you to make the decisions that very often you prefer not to face.

Read more about Dream Analysis here.



Runic ReadingsElder Futhark

There are various purposes for the implementation of Runes, protection, talismanic, runagaldrar (incantations), stadhagaldr (posture incantation), and divination.  I am not doing Futhark readings unless you are a prior customer or your situation is of a “serious nature” in which case contact me. Read more here