Dream analysis is seen in every culture, sacred doctrine, and religion. In ancient times, as dreams were perceived as spiritual messages from the divine, dreams were mostly analyzed by powerful healers, seers, and priests. It’s only really since Freud, 1900 (circa), that dreams became part of the psychoanalyst’s profession.

Dream Analysis

We read of dreams and dream interpretation in both the old and new testament of the Bible. I think it safe to say most people are familiar with Joseph and his dream interpretations or Daniel’s dream although, the Bible is jam-packed with far more insights into dreams.

Oldest Records of Dream Interpretation

Dream Analysis

Of the oldest records of dream interpretation is, however, the Chester Beatty Papyrus of 1220 B.C. (circa). The curator of the British Museum commented, “The papyrus Chester Beatty 3 is divided over four frames and contains a manual for interpreting dreams on the recto and literary texts on the verso. The dream book on the recto is written in a fine literary hand of an unknown scribe.”

Nevertheless, many remain suspect as science cannot prove or disprove dream analysis.

What is the purpose of your dreams?

XV | THE SHADOW SIDE Witches Tarot by Ellen Dugan

Your dreams are spectacularly informative! If your eyes are a ‘window into your soul’, your dream state is then the actual playground. The symbolic dream emporium is where you are exchanging your conscious perceptions and experiences for symbols and messages reflecting your unconscious ‘you’. It’s most intriguing.

Dreams certainly have various functions in our lives. We’ve witnessed the consequences of both, acting out the guidance of our dreams and the consequences of ignoring the guidance of our dreams. I think one of the most crucial dreams to be shrugged off, was certainly the dream of Pilate’s wife regarding Christ’s crucifixion. One cannot but beg the question, “What if Pilate had heeded his wife’s dream?”

In more recent times, we can see how Paul McCartney composed Yesterday in a dream. Niels Bohr discovered the structure of the atom for which he later received a Nobel Prize for Physics in his dream. However, I think we are all familiar with Albert Einstein discovering the principle of relativity in a rather vivid dream.

Dream Recall

9 of Swords - Rider-Waite Tarot DeckHaving discussed dreams with friends and querents, many persons report that they either cannot recall their dreams or simply ‘don’t dream’. However, studies have proved that we all experience REM (Rapid Eye Movement) and thereby, we all enter the dream state.

Do you recall your dreams? It is fascinating to note neurotransmitters control our ‘awake’ or sleep state by ‘switching’ off certain signals when we sleep. These nerve-signaling chemicals seem to be responsible for the inability to recall a dream.

  • Sometimes certain events trigger certain ‘flashes’ of a dream. This normally transpires when that dream’s message is most auspicious in the unfolding of events.
  • Often an overwhelming sensation of having experienced a moment, yet knowing only too well that the experience is new.

Freud’s three classes of dreams:

“Dreams are typically divided into three classes according to their relation towards the realization of desire” – Sigmund Freud

“Dreams tell us many an unpleasant biological truth about ourselves and only very free minds can thrive on such a diet. Self-deception is a plant which withers fast in the pellucid atmosphere of dream investigation.” Sigmund Freud Dream Psychology.

Dream Analysis Non-repressed desire

These dreams are far more typical in youngsters and teenagers as they express raw unconcealed desires. As wild as the teenagers’ hormones are racing, so are their dreams. As a teenager enters into adulthood as a reasonable man, their conscious-self controls these urges and thereby these dreams become rarer.

Veiled repression of desire

Here we find the repressed thoughts and desires peeking through, but in a veiled form. Needless to say, these are the most common dreams of the reasonable man and most often need analysis in order to gain understanding.

Blatant repression

In class 2 the contents of these dreams have been extremely repressed. What this means is that when they do enter into the dream state, there is very little that can conceal the contents. Thus, these dreams are scary, nightmarish, dreadful dreams. What is interesting in these dreams, is the valuable insight which can be discovered when these ‘nightmares’ are properly analyzed.

Types of dreams

Firstly, you need to acknowledge where the content of these dreams developed.  Class 2 dreams are only allowing veiled versions of desires, leaving many fully blown, but repressed desires to keep developing in the subconscious. At some point, a trigger or stimuli opens that veil. The nightmare dream then ‘forces’ its way into the dream state causing severe dread.

If you wish for any assistance with understanding your dreams, or you have any questions regarding your dreams then please feel free to contact me. I do look forward to being of assistance.

For dream analysis, I will need an informative, but concise description of your dream. Please include any important characteristics, feelings or anything of significance pertaining to your dream.

    • Was there a certain color that stood out?
    • Was there a character that you felt befriended to, but no longer can identify with?
    • What time of day was it?
    • What were your initial feelings?
  • Anything that really stood out? 🙂

If you feel more comfortable recording your dream, please feel free to do so and just send me the link 🙂

Blessed Be

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