Freya’s Ætt in the Elder Futhark Runes

First Ættir of the Elder Futhark Runes

Each Ætt brings about its own nature and energy. Freya's Ætt, which relate to the first eight runes of the Elder Futhark Runes, is about nurturing and pertains to the root of creation.

First Ættir of the Elder Futhark Runes

The Meaning of the Elder Futhark RunesThe second pair, Thurisaz and Ansuz, respectively pertain to that which we need to rid of (ego) and our connection with our God.

ᚠ ᚢ ᚦ ᚨ ᚱ ᚲ ᚷ ᚹ

The third pair, Raido, and Kenaz, respectively refer to the roads that we choose, to travel blindly or to follow enlightenment.

The fourth pair is then the Gift, Gebo, received at the end of our travels as Wunjo is our victory and triumph.

Freya's Ætt in the Elder Futhark Runes

  • Representing a life cycle
  • Growth
  • That which is unfolding
  • That which is increasing

Fehu: Fehu (fay'-hoo) "F" of the Elder Futhark Runes

Fehu upright (U) relates to cattle and thereby wealth related matters.

Meaning of Runes
Fehu (fay'-hoo) "F"

Fehu upright provides us the strength and wisdom needed to obtain and maintain not only our worldly wealth, but spiritual wealth as well.


Cattle, abundance, maintenance, creative forces, fire, new beginning, positivity,  and the wisdom to realize that by 'paying it forward', returned wealth in abundance.


Fehu Reversed

Meaning of Runes
Fehu (fay'-hoo) "F" Reversed.

Fehu, when seen reversed, its message seems reversed as well. Fehu (R) relates to negatively to prosperity, lacking and often failure. Albeit this may seem rather disturbing, the cliché of 'forewarned is forearmed' does apply here.



Abusive situation, stagnation, doubt, greed, disconnection, fear of failing, discomfort, lack of energy, loss or waste.

Uruz (oor'-ooz) "U" of the Elder Futhark Runes

Uruz upright (U) Auroch.

Meaning of Runes
Uruz (oor'-ooz) "U"

As the auroch is somewhat extinct, we can see how Uruz relates to survival. With this in mind, Uruz (U) then pertains to  what is necessary to survive, instinct, strength, expansion and tenacity to meet these needs. It's our inner strength that drives us.


Fortitude, foundations, valor, vitality, sexuality, strength, stability, moral strength and health. 

Uruz Reversed (R)

Meaning of Runes
Uruz (oor'-ooz) "U" Reversed.

Uruz (R) reminds you that as per an elk shunned from its herd, being alert and watchful for opportunities as well as lurking danger is essential. It also reminds us to measure our strength, are we forcing issues in the wrong direction?



Weakness, fear, deprivation, impatience, illness, procrastination, lethargy, inactivity and even suicidal inclinations.


Thurisaz (thur'-ee-saz) "Th" of the Elder Futhark Runes

Thurisaz. Thorn.

Meaning of Runes
Thurisaz (thur'-ee-saz) "Th"

To understand Thurisaz (U) one may have to look far inward as it represents 'that thorn in your side'. Albeit that Thurisaz is now being seen upright, it is a positive reminder that you need to identify that which is no longer working for you and thereby you can self-develop.




Masculine power, proactive, directed force, courage, empowerment, defense, assertiveness. 

Thurisaz Reversed (R)

Meaning of Runes
Thurisaz (thur'-ee-saz) "Th" Reversed

Reversed, Thurisaz is reminding you that your situation hasn't been thoroughly examined. You are leaving yourself defenseless or stagnating in your situation. This is an opportunity for you to develop, yet are focusing only on difficulties and problems. Contemplation, meditation and retrospect is in order.


Conflict, confusion, defenseless, disruptive, stagnation, fight or flight, introversion, emasculation, impoverish, cripple, enfeeble, psychological problems.

Ansuz (ahns'-sooz) "A" of the Elder Futhark Runes

Meaning of Runes
Ansuz (ahns'-sooz) "A"

Ansuz pertains to God and thereby upright Ansuz relates to being favored by God, thereby Divine Intervention. So too, you Ansuz represents communication, prayer and meditation. Spiritually, Ansuz encompasses prophecy and revelation.

With Ansuz we find advice and instruction, so for divination purposes, we can see how Ansuz (U) could bring about positive answers, examinations, interviews. Also it could be imploring you to research a topic. Ansuz is a ruin of stability and therefore expresses good outcomes.


Divine ancestry, divine intervention, mental stability, communication, writing, receiving wisdom, speech.

Ansuz Reversed (R)

Meaning of Runes
Ansuz (ahns'-sooz) "A" Reversed

Reversed, Ansuz message indicates  a serious spiritual imbalance, lying and lack of inspiration. Most noteworthy, your message is to exercise caution when communicating.



Misfortune, trickery, misconstrued information, miscommunication.

Raido (rye'-doe) "R" of the Elder Futhark Runes

Meaning of Runes
Raido (rye'-doe) "R"

Raido, upright is Horse. Thereby we can ascertain how Raido pertains to transportation, riding and movement. Raido can also refer to a journey or an outing. All so often it can also be referring to the spiritual growth of your divine connection. Raido helps to remind us that things are unfolding as they should.


Being in control, change, holiday, self-control, personal development, transition.

Raido Reversed (R)

Meaning of Runes
Raido (rye'-doe) "R" Reversed.

Reversed, Raido can feel like being stuck on treadmill. Raido (R) warns of occasions when it seems the wheels have fallen off. You're on the wrong path or things are rapidly beginning to fall apart.



Chaos, no thoroughfare, treadmill, incorrect application of actions and energy, nonsensical behavior, irresponsibility, lack of perspective.

Kenaz (kee'-naz) "K" of the Elder Futhark Runes

Meaning of Runes
Kenaz (kee'-naz) "K"

Kenaz is Torch and thereby the light needed to see, thereby we can see how it refers to knowledge, intellect and divine intervention found within each of us. Kenaz refers to you inner light, intuition and self-awareness. How you create and transform your circumstances through focusing on that which is positive.


Clarity, creativity, fire, hearth, inspiration, passion, strength, transformation. 

Kenaz Reversed (R)

Meaning of Runes
Kenaz (kee'-naz) "K" Reversed

Reversed, Kenaz is referring to the shadow of your mind, that which is keeping you in the dark. Kenaz (R) is reminding you that you are lacking divine wisdom, inspiration and creativity. You have now reached the point of mummification. However, introspection is necessary to identify that your wrappings are your arrogance and ignorance. Yet, you continue to make uninformed decisions. An uncontrolled fire can destroy and be the end of all.


Ending, being lost, burnt out, sexual abuse, uncontrollable fire.

Gebo (gay'-bo) "G" of the Elder Futhark Runes

Meaning of Runes
Gebo (gay'-bo) "G"Keywords:

Gebo is one of the few irreversible runes and means Gift. Not only does Gebo refer to the actual gift itself, but also to the union between the giver and receiver, and even moreover between the Creator/Cosmic Universe and man.


Gifts, contracts, exchange, honor, relationships, sexual relationships, magical exchange, partnership and giving natures.

Wunjo (voon'-yo) "V" of the Elder Futhark Runes

Wunjo (voon'-yo) "V"

Meaning of Runes

Wunjo, looking like a flag, represents victory. The victory relates to wish-fulfillment, social contracts, optimism, true will power that has paid off and harmony within a chaotic world. Wunjo, by the same token,  is a reminder that you are surrounded by opportunities and solutions.


Fellowship, co-operation, goodness, satisfaction, reward, peaceful living, achievement.

Wunjo Reversed (R)

Meaning of Runes
Wunjo (voon'-yo) "V" Reversed

Here, as opposed to upright, the reversed Wunjo is reminding you that you have blocked your way to success and thereby opened the doors to a crisis. It is now time for serious deliberation. You can actually picture the reversed Wunjo as a red flag.


Red flag, frustration, depression, sadness, disruption, unworthy contacts, miserable, lonely, disharmony.

That concludes Freya's Ætt in the Elder Futhark Runes. Learn about the second Ætt.

The Winning Wish

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