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The Healing Tarot Spread

The Healing Tarot Spread is an eloquent tool for exploring our past traumas that often prevent us from growth. Once you are able to define the obstacle, you can overcome it. It is the unresolved issues that cause emotional blocks and more so, scar us in such a way that our perception becomes tainted.

The Healing Tarot Spread

The Healing Tarot Spread
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The Healing Tarot Spread

Your perception is what shapes who you are and defines the meaning within your relationships. Thereby, if you find yourself having ‘repeat relationships’ or repetitive circumstances, the Tarot can assist you to define your emotional blocks and guide you to empower yourself in order to overcome.

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Take a pill, you’re depressed –  really?

Many countries consider Depression as one of the most common disorders.  As a transcriptionist, I have noted that today it is just so easy to put persons suffering from emotional blocks under one umbrella . How I would love to assist the patients I get to hear about in my audios!

Treatment of depression ranges from medications to psychotherapy and most often combine both. However, it is important to realize that there is no ‘one-combo-fits-all’. More importantly, note only a few of the side effects of anti-depressant medications:

  • decreased alertness
  • sexual problems
  • diabetes
  • SIADH (Syndrome of Inappropriate Antidiuretic Hormone
  • serotonin syndrome
  • suicidal feelings
  • neuroleptic malignant syndrome
  • hypomania or mania

The Healing Tarot Spread can assist you place your thoughts, circumstances and experiences into an ontological perspective and thereby release you from your emotional blocks. Understand how to select your Tarot Spread 

Preparing for your reading

Shuffling your cards, focus on one question at a time and draw your card. Once you have interpreted that card, determine if you need further clarity surrounding that card. If you do, take the card from the bottom of the deck as your Shadow Card. Your shadow card will bring to light that which is an underlying factor, that which you have not focused on. Thereby you add some ‘light’ to the meaning of the initial card.

The Healing Tarot Spread

Reading the Healing Tarot Spread

  1. First position relates to your Emotional Block, previous traumas, unresolved issues. Here you can identify that which is obstructing your progress.
  2. Second position allows you to identify how this blockage has affected you in your past. Consider how this has shaped your current situation.
  3. Third position is indicating how this emotional block is affecting your present situation. Consider how this is affecting your progress and growth.
  4. Fourth position unveils lessons that you can learn from your experience. Consider your ‘school fees’ as paid. This card will help you transform your pain into a means of growth.
  5. Fifth position grants you valued guidance. This card advises how to take your next step and aids to transform the emotional block into tool of self growth.
  6. Sixth position is transforming your lessons learned in Position four into Spiritual guidance. Consider this card as your tool of meditation and keep its message with you, allow it to safeguard your thoughts.

It is now important to step back and look at the reading. Determine the relationships of the cards among each other and consider what these relationships mean to you?

Some points to ponder:

The Healing Tarot Spread

  • In which manner do the cards resonate with you?
  • What is your initial feeling toward the issue card and how does that correspond with the guidance being given?
  • What impact has your past had on your present situation?
  • How does your spiritual guidance affect your present situation?

If you would like to contact me for a Healing Tarot reading, please feel free to contact me for your personalized reading.

Blessed Be,

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