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How can you lose what you are? You are the way!

I have lost my way. What must I do? As a professional Tarot reader, I cannot begin to count how many times I have heard this statement. You can’t lose your way. It’s not a possession or a novelty that has lost value to be tossed aside. However, looking at my Briefing App, it seems there may be many people in all walks of life, leaders, politicians and the everyday Joe who may be indicative of having “lost their way”.

How can you lose what you are? You are the way!

I see some look to politics, Trump, Kim Jong-un, Cyril Ramaphosa, Boris Johnson. Others turn to religion. Will the Pope in the gold-encrusted Vatican, who, June 2019, having religiously changed the Lord’s prayer that binds millions of Christians around the globe, lead the way? Islam calls out day and night to their One True God as the Jews do theirs. However, they ultimately end up killing each other in the name of God and so forth, ad nauseaum. Social Media statuses tend to have all been sharing similar updates regarding the global temperament, “The world has gone mad.” Albeit that this madness may represent the collective consciousness of many, it still does not give the sought direction. And that is where our focus should be. Where do we look for direction?

Personally, as a Tarot Reader, I believe that you cannot lose your way. There is a long and winding path of history, on both a micro and macrocosmic scale. There are causality theories and relativity theories and every other (in)conceivable theory, and it is because of these theories, not in spite of, that you cannot lose your way.

These Tarot cards just speak

I wanted to prove my theory to myself and turned to the Tarot this morning, asking the question, “where is the way?” And as expected, The Tarot gave a very concise explanation. Let’s take a look. Just a bit of background, I am using my 1975 Tarot Espanol deck, a reproduction of a Tarot of 1736 Fournier Museum – Vitoria. I love this deck, its cardstock, its handling. Also adding to why I  love this deck is that it is a hybrid of Type 1 and 2 Tarot de Marseille deck. I adore its illustrations and color usage is just amazing. These Tarot cards just speak 🙂

1975 Tarot Espanol deck, a reproduction of a Tarot of 1736 Fournier Museum - Vitoria
1975 Tarot Espanol deck, a reproduction of a Tarot of 1736 Fournier Museum – Vitoria

So firstly we keep in mind the question being asked. With a straightforward question, in which the querent is taking responsibility, The Tarot will always give a concise straightforward answer. Here we see that Caballo de Bastos’ horse is indicative of a change of direction. Its body is heading to the past, but there is a change in attention. So ask what attention needs to shift? What action should I take? Caballo indicates with a huge Baton, present your passion.

Ah, present my passion, I must! But to who?

And there I see myself upside down, I have forgotten to look inside me! I have lost the passion inside My Self. But now that I have this new passion and I go within, I can light my lamp and move ahead.

Move to where? What lies ahead?

Reina de Oros is there. Indicating I have mutated from my past. My hand holds up all the skills and lessons of the past and it has mutated. It is far larger now in order to “get a grip”, to “hold onto what serves”. Yes, my hand is now of equal size to the crown of authority I have to create my present moment.

The passion is within us all. We need only look within to find the passion, the utilitarian within our essence of Spirit and yes, this is consequentialism. Thereby my skills and lessons from the past create a sense of purpose. Utilitarianism is a family of consequentialist ethical theories that promote actions that maximize happiness and well-being for the majority of a population (Source: wiki).  I am authorized to create my reality, my way.

How can you lose what you are? You are the way!

Take a look at the same cards, but with the Aleister Crowley Thoth Tarot deck. I feel the Queen of Disks claiming her present while processing the lessons the long and winding path of history has offered.Aleister Crowley Thoth Tarot deck

Let us review the question again: I have lost my way. What must I do? This is not a time for  Que Sera roll over and accept! You can read my thoughts on Que Sera attitude here if you missed my last article.

Albeit that I liken my readings more to the Tower than my birth card, The Hermit, I do understand that it is only when we look deep within the ethical truths of ourselves, we find the ageless answer. The answer has remained constant since the beginning of time.  “I Am the Way.”

Blessed Be 🙂

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