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Interview with Tarot Reader, Tess Sutton

Tess Sutton is not your average Tarotist. She is a Tarot mentor, a student, a single parent, and has now finally launched her own website. This diverse tarotist really expresses depth and understanding in all her writings. Today I am extremely honored to have an interview with Tarot Reader, Tess Sutton. I trust you will find her as illuminating as I do 🙂

Interview with Tarot Reader, Tess Sutton

Tess and daughter - Interview with Tarot Reader, Tess Sutton

Interview with Tarot Reader, Tess Sutton

Tess is an exceptionally talented and creative Tarot Reader with an extraordinary talent of weaving the story of the Tarot. There is so much to Tess and I can’t wait to get started. 🙂

Introduction to the Tarot

Sancheo: Tess, I quote you now as saying that the Tarot has been in your life for almost 10 years. Could you explain the introduction? What was it that lured you into the Tarot that 10 years later has become your passion and strength?

Tess: My grandmother on my father’s side was a very curious and pious Catholic woman, and she used to have these mysterious cards that she would get out on occasion and flip out on the table. I never saw her use them often, but when I discovered these cards were Tarot I wondered about them for years.

‘Family members taught me that Tarot cards were the devil’s work. I discovered contrary to this that the Tarot was, in fact, a key to enlightenment and self-understanding.’

Other family members taught me that Tarot cards were the devil’s work, and stayed away from them for a long time out of fear. One day I just couldn’t resist the urge to explore the cards more and from there, it slowly progressed into as you said Sancheo a passion and a strength.

I discovered contrary to this that the Tarot was, in fact, a key to enlightenment and self-understanding – thus leading to a broader understanding of inner peace and compassion. I am so thankful that I took that scary step!

Tarotist and Mum

Sancheo: I think one of the main reasons that you are such a fascinating Tarotist to follow is that you are real. You share your day-to-day life of being a single parent of three wonderful daughters. Could you share your experience as a single parent Tarotist? Do you feel that tarot has played a role in raising your girls?

Tess: I have three daughters, and yes, I am a divorced parent. Having the tarot in my life has been an amazing driving force in answering questions about myself as a mother and a human, and showing me the truth that hides within of what motivates me and what hinders me, so that I can get through the hard stuff that every parent goes through whether a single parent or in a couple.

It most definitely plays a role in the way I raise my girls! I often get the eye roll from my eldest two when I begin to relate tarot wisdom to make a point, yet they actually take it on board.

‘Having the tarot in my life has been an amazing driving force in answering questions about myself as a mother and a human’

I think the difference is that it is not just mum rambling on to them without back up and examples. I am so pleased and grateful that they respect my work with the cards, and I am so very grateful that the tarot has been the key to my higher self in understanding the important things as a mother and a human.

When I am with a client or working on my pages or articles, I am very blessed that the girls let me have the time and space I need (most of the time anyway.)

Insights for the misconstrued

Sancheo: Many people see Tarotists, especially single parents, and even more so mothers, as dodgy charlatans. I visited a Tarot site the other night to find this comment pertaining to tarot readers:

All too often they are older ladies who have given up on being cleaners because it hurts their knees now or they want to earn more, or single mums who want to find a way to get a bit more money coming in, but are out of their depth.

What insights would you share if you were to meet a like-minded soul?

Tess: Although I do not doubt that there are charlatans out there, just as there are frauds in every profession in existence. Comments like this show ignorance and lack of understanding of what true tarot is. It is very hard work becoming competent and understanding the cards to a high degree and involves an awful lot of commitment and dedication.

As long as you know your intentions are pure and you have integrity, what others say is irrelevant. I learned a while ago that we can only allow others opinions to affect is if we choose to. Follow your calling and it will not lead you astray.

Wild Enchantress

Tess Sutton at The Wild Enchantress - Interview with Tarot Reader, Tess SuttonSancheo: I commend you on your studies, setting up Wild Enchantress – Tarot for growth and your daily responsibilities in general. I can only begin to imagine how quickly things could go pear-shaped in a day, and the hurdles you jump in order to stay on track. Do you have any “Tess System” or strategy? How do you remain so focused?

Tess: I will admit that I am a very big procrastinator. It is definitely a challenge for me to keep up with the commitments I have made, yet when it is something you love, it makes it a bit easier!

Most often I do my tarot work first thing in the morning before the children wake up. I am at peace with the world and can think and feel clearly. Once the girls are awake and life begins, all the daily stuff takes over until night-time.

Struggling with CPTSD (Complex Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) makes it hard to get motivated some days, and on these days I will be understanding and kind to myself. The cards have taught me a lot about self-acceptance and nurturing not only my children but myself and if life happens to take over for a day or so, then that is okay.


Sancheo: The Tarot Illuminati deck is most definitely on my wish-list. I have read many of your articles whereby you have used this deck. I quote you on your review of the Tarot Illuminati book as “all-time favorite Tarot book.” Would this imply that the Tarot Illuminati is your favorite deck? Thereby could you also share what makes your favorite Tarot deck your favorite?

Tess: Indeed, The Complete Guide to the Tarot Illuminati by Kim Huggens is my favorite tarot book to date. It has so much richness and detail. It is one of those rare tarot books that I will read from cover to cover. I adore the Tarot Illuminati by Erik C Dunne, and it would definitely be one of my go-to decks.

Concerning my favorite deck, I really couldn’t choose just one. I tend to use decks that read well for the subject or situation. For example, The Tarot Illuminati for me is great for blatant answers. The Mythic Tarot is amazing for shadow work and understanding our emotions and motivations. The Waite-Smith is excellent for understanding situations and events. I particularly find the Waite-Smith deck fabulous in reading intuitively. So sorry about my rambling, you know what I’m like.. lol

Sancheo: I absolutely love your ramblings, in fact, they’ve inspired an article or two of my own. 🙂

Attracting Your Winning Wish

Sancheo: I thank you so much for sharing your time, your passion and your insights Tess. So I will ask one last question of you…. What insight can you share with The Winning Wish readers that you have not shared anywhere before? What advice could you give to attract your winning wish?

Tess: Well, I have pondered a lot lately how as humans, our make up is so complex and amazingly intricate, as are the animals around us, nature, the ocean.. everything. It is all so complex and not something we naturally understand. Getting to my point now..

We make everything about our journey so complex, through being blind or in denial, avoiding and running, competing and out doing, going the hard way about everything. The living is not meant to be so complex! Through the journey of the tarot, we have an amazing example of how to be at peace – the question is; ‘Are we willing to face the darkness of our shadows to do it?’

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To attract your winning wish, be always in the present, be grateful and conscious of what you send out to the universe. It returns to us!

Thank you so much Sancheo. I am a huge fan of yours and was quite surprised and honoured to be invited here. You are an amazing inspiration to everyone around you, and I am honoured and grateful to know you through our mutual passion of the cards. Much love, Tess

What an inspiration Tess Sutton is! I am truly so honored to share her insights with you! Bless her indeed! If you have any questions or insights you wish to share with her, you can find her at:

I trust that you thoroughly enjoyed our interview with Tarot Reader, Tess Sutton! Remember, if you have a story you would love to share, then please do contact me.  I would love to showcase what is important to you. Feel free to leave any comments below or drop me an email 🙂

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