Meanings of The Tarot Cards


The meaning of the Tarot is found within the understanding of the Arcanum. The two arcana, meaning 'Secret' or 'Mystery' unifies the Tarot.

The Major Arcana

The meaning of the TarotThe Major Arcana of the Tarot refers to the 22 Trump cards. These cards specifically relate to that aspect of your life that deals with the more spiritual journey you find yourself on.

These cards form the basis of the Tarot and each card is dedicated to that unique situation or way-point which you find yourself at. 

As you progress through the various stages of spiritual development, so to do these cards add extra meaning and guidance for you along your journey. 

The Minor Arcana

TarotThe Minor Arcana is then 58 Pip cards, divided into four suits. These cards pertain to your daily living.

  • Wands relate to fire.
  • Cups relate to water.
  • Swords relate to air
  • Discs relate to earth



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