Some ideas for you to use with your new unique crystal

Have you received a new unique crystal lately? Most often it is imperative to clear or purify new crystals of their preceding handler’s energies. You can easily accomplish this by allowing your crystal to rest in a bowl of cool water with an added pinch of salt. Allow the sun or moon to shine on your crystal for a few hours or perhaps even days. However, always ensure the water-friendliness of your unique crystal. Another marvelous idea is to spray your crystal with rosewater or crystal spray.

new unique crystal

Some ideas for you to use with your new unique crystal

A method to use, either on its own or in conjunction with Sun or Moon energizing, is to use your pendulum. Suspend your pendulum over your new crystal and place your intent by stating, “Crystal, you are cleared” Notice the swing of your pendulum to verify your clearing.

Recharging your new unique crystal.

Now that you have cleared the previous energies out of your crystal, you need to place your intention on the crystal. Relax with your crystal and clear your mind. Just allow yourself to feel and connect with your crystal. Sense only its presence.

Useful ideas for  your new unique crystal

    • Carry with you as a gratitude stone. Each time you feel it in your pocket or see it in your bag, you are reminded of all there is to be grateful for.
    • Chakra cleansing is so wonderful with crystals. Simply select one of the same color as each center and state your intention, for example you could use red tiger eye to balance your root chakra and be grounded. “With this Tiger Eye, May my root chakra spin red, that I may hold no dread.” Visualize your chakras spinning brighter and clearer, feel the clarity wash over you as you absorb the cleansing energy.  I highly recommend a look at John Parrot’s article pertaining to Chakra Wands and all you need to know about them.
    • Chant your intentions over your crystal, and thereby be clear as you state your purpose.
    • Create a new set of unique Runes
    • Place your activated crystal in designated part of your altar or sacred space. You can extend this harmony by placing your crystals around your home or office space and thereby eliminate all discord.
    • Place your prayer or goal on a piece of paper along with your crystal. An Oracle, Rune or Tarot card can be added.
    • Place near your medications, remedies, or tinctures for extra healing strength.
    • Select a calming crystal to place under your pillow and allow yourself to align with its energies while sleeping.
    • Select an appropriate crystal to keep near your drinking water and thereby ingest its cleansing healing energies.
    • Wear as jewelry to enhance your aura.

May your experience with your crystals be fulfilling and wonderful. If you have any ideas on the use of crystals that you would like to share, please don’t hesitate to contact me. I would love to publish your thoughts and experiences.

Blessed Be,



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