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No More Que Sera. Grow Your Own Tower.

Your windscreen cracks, your washing machine begins to sound like an ancient African drumming session, and in more countries than not, our world has become near apocalyptical. The Tower of Babel comes to mind for many. Yet, we will still find some of those oh so very bright people among us stating the popularised 1956 cliché of “Ah, what will be, will be”. Yes, the fatalistic doomsday cliché still holds true to those self-deluded martyrs.

The truth is that some days we do have great days, we get to buy the car, we get to do our laundry and some countries get to sign Peace treaties and other days, well, shit happens. This is not a Que Sera Sera situation, whatever will be, will be. No. This is the time to ask, “What can I do to better my current situation. How can I improve my situation? What more do I need to know that I can shift my personal circumstances? How do I take responsibility?

The Tarot is for those who have the wish to win, to grow their Tower.

The Tarot does just this, it is a communicative tool that allows me to read past my subterfuge, past my excuses, past my circumstantial bullshit and frees me that I can see, “Ah, here! By focusing here, that ordeal loses importance while this drives me ahead of it all! Right! Let’s get started then!
Yes, things move at different speeds, but that in itself is great! Imagine if things happened as fast as we feel the need for them to move? You and I would not cope as most of the times, we are not actually ready. Our mindset is operating at a different level to our circumstances.

I read for transformation. My write-ups on all the platforms I work read, “I offer transformation”. No, I am not a fortune teller. I read Tarot. I interpret what I see in the Tarot that I can offer you a perspective that sheds light on where to focus. With focus you claim your first goal. Your vision. That you and you alone can transform and thereby create the reality you want most.

Are you happy in the Crappy?

This has nothing to do with Ce La Vie or Que Sera Sera or any other cliché that one would use to feel above your crappy circumstances. To justify your crappy circumstances. And of course, to allow you to feel superior to those whom you share these clichés with. The “Humility” empowers you and thereby, through this Inferior Superiority, the cliché in its own way works for you. It allows you to accept that what is, is and through your humility and pain, being the victim of circumstances, you remain you. Happy in the Crappy.

The Tarot is for those who have the wish to win, to overcome through transformation. What is the transformation? And how do we recognize the transformation? Think about this a moment, where were you two years ago? Your body, your ideas, your circumstances? How much of you is still here that represents who you are?

Tarot is not for society.

I know I was a cop. My career was my life. But then the Tower came. I was then a backpacker owner, traveling the globe, paragliding. I would live my life traveling and meeting people. But the Tower came. I was then a stay-at-home happily-ever-after mother of three, two were my fiancé’s girls, and we had a life of note. Those years ago, I thought I had the life and spent most my days paragliding the Western Cape with friends. I had believed that was how I would spend the rest of my days. Everything had come together.  And then came my Tower. The only constant in each chapter of my life is The Tarot. And with each change of circumstance, the language of the Tarot grows.

People stay the same. The language of society stays the same. With each Tower I could have listened to those around me with their incessant, “Ah, what will be, will be”. Their advice would then be, “find a job.” To many that would be the “right”. Society would agree. But the Tarot is not for society, it is for those wishing to win.

Clockwise: CBD 1760 Nicholas Conver Reproduction, 1963 Grimaud Tarot of 1790 and the Fournier Tarot reproduction of 1736, RWS Tarot and the Osho Zen Tarot indicating some variations in the Tower.

I am brutal with my readings. I liken my readings to the Tower as the Tower will always indicate what needs to come down in order to grow. What needs to be crumbled and tossed in order for you to grow, to establish.
I love my Reproduction of a Tarot of 1976 Fournier Museum – Vitoria, which is seen in the top right corner of the illustration above. This deck represents the Tower with a green leaf in place of the flames of the CBD or lightning bolts of Rider-Waite Smith Tarot deck. One can also note that the characters of the Fournier deck also seem almost relieved to be touching the ground again. They appear happy to be picking up the pieces and pleasantly surprised at their findings. And so it is with the Tarot when reading correctly, they offer some pleasant surprises to our perception.

Blessed Be

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