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Joanna Grant’s personal journey of Astrology and Thoth Tarot

I would really like to thank Joanna Kate Grant for her precious time to share her personal journey of Astrology and Thoth Tarot with us.

Joanna Grant’s personal journey of Astrology and Thoth Tarot

Joanna, you are one of the very few Thoth readers that I have had the pleasure of meeting. I find so many Rider-Waite Tarot readers and information regarding the simplicity of the Rider-Waite, but extremely few Tarotists who read and understand both Astrology and Thoth Tarot.

Joanna Grant's personal journey of Astrology and Thoth Tarot

Sancheo: What influenced your passion of Thoth Tarot and Astrology?

Joanna: “Have it….moon……” is what I used to say, apparently, aged 2 and presented with the moon appearing in the sky in the early evenings… or so my father tells me. 

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“Why are we here?” I remember asking my mother over and over again at the age of about 8 or 9… lying on the lawn, trying to find the meaning of existence in the blue arc above me.

Formally, I discovered astrology at the age of 21, but in retrospect I suppose my fascination with the unseen has always been with me… I was a studious and serious child with a deep interest in Greek mythology, often apart and curiously adult, who developed a teenage interest in earth mysteries and the occult that fueled a hunger for knowledge that led me to read widely on many different beliefs and spiritual pathways. When I discovered astrology, I realized that I had found the framework I had been searching for… and it has suited me ever since.  

A diminutive Scorpio woman from Manchester introduced me to Astrology, she was the same age as my mother, and from the first day I was completely hooked. She taught me many things over the next few years, as I struggled with the traumas of my twenties… And read all the astrology and spiritual books that she could find for me. She learned with the White Eagle Lodge and was, or is, a very special person. I am honoured to have met her.

Sancheo: You mention on your blog that around 30 years ago somebody presented you with a Thoth deck. Not many appreciated Crowley’s works as the incredible works that they have proven to be. What were your initial thoughts of the Thoth Tarot deck as a girl living in the South of Ireland?

JoannaI was actually living in the UK at the time, in Wiltshire. I was on the fringes of the New-Age Traveler movement, which was all about freedom of speech, music and the free festival circuit. It was an interesting time; we thought that we were very rebellious!

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A Thoth deck was not therefore seen as out-of-place and neither were the works of Crowley. I was gifted the deck by a man who also taught me the rudiments of Magic, but who didn’t stay around long enough to actually teach me how to read it properly.

I was gifted The Book of Thoth by another friend, actually prior to the cards, I still have that copy too… so I guess that they were meant for me.  I loved the cards from the start… the artwork just spoke to me and still does. I have discovered since that the original paintings are now looked after by an organization called “The Warburg Institute”, which was actually founded by an ancestor of mine, which is yet another tie that I have with this deck.

Sancheo: I love how you refer to your blog as ‘Thoth Journey’ because that is what the Tarot is, it’s a journey. Where do you see your blog going? Do you have any plans for your writing? Will all the stories link up?

JoannaThoth Journey is an ongoing project and throughout this year I plan on re-visiting many of the cards that I did originally in 2015, as my knowledge or Tarot and the strength of visions has increased. The stories in many of the cards are starting to link up and as I continue in the magical process of this stage of my life, I am manifesting the required energies in my life through the journeys that I write.

joanna-grants-personal-journey-astrology-thothI trust that by the end of the process, I will have navigated this part of my life and that the journey will reach some kind of final conclusion and I do believe that by the end of it, it will reveal itself as a love story…… but we will see!!  My friend, the artist Aia Liu, is currently working on pictorial representations of these journeys, which we hope to combine in order to form an oracle deck called “The Oracle of Change”. I will be writing the interpretative text for each of the 78 cards.

Sancheo: Joanna, for those that haven’t had the pleasure of reading your work, I find your style totally fascinating and you always seem to be spot on! How would you describe your ‘style’ of reading?

Joanna: My readings are accurate because I write from direct personal experience. The last few years have been the most difficult in my life… tarot has literally saved my life… in my own view.

However, my style of reading is highly eclectic. I draw from over 45 years of occult knowledge. I started reading Greek Mythology at the age of about seven and went on from there. Obviously my long studies concerning Astrology also have a strong influence, as well some knowledge of the Kabbalah, Sacred Geometry, and the importance of the Alchemical Process, whose images abound in Thoth.

I have a very spiritual basis and my driving force is and always has been, to gain a sense of meaning, a desire to understand my life as I experience it.  I would describe my reading style as Oracular, in that I act as a channel for the energies that are coming through for someone at any given time.

My main anchor for these energies is Astrological and then that is where intuition and tarot knowledge come in. My main aim is to help people feel empowered by their readings that they have a choice and to help them into an understanding of how the events in their lives are an expression of what is occurring to them on a personal level, rather than they are at the mercy of “fate”. I put the person at the centre of the reading, with the idea that they can make choices about what is happening.

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Sancheo: How do you feel people benefit from having a Tarot reading?

JoannaMy use of Tarot is rooted in my belief that it is a powerful tool for gaining insight into yourself and your life. A Tarot reading is like a snapshot of what your life looks like at the time of the reading, where the cards drawn are tuned to give you a picture of unseen influences, patterns of behavior, obstacles, and strengths.

A reading can give you an idea of where you are now, where you’ve come from, where you want to be and how to get there. While the Tarot can suggest actions to take and a likely outcome if you take them, it cannot predict the future, which is neither static nor unchangeable.

The choices and decisions that you make in each moment of your life, together with free will, can allow you to create the future that you want. With the insight gained through a Tarot reading, you will be better equipped to make decisions and take action that is in line with your best interests, growth and development.

Sancheo: Do you feel anybody can learn to read Astrology and/or Thoth and what would you suggest would be the first step?
Joanna: Well, people say that I am gifted and talented, etc… but I do think that anyone can learn, if they want to. My gift is an ability to work hard… very hard, to try to understand why my life has been so difficult at times and to try to understand the depth of emotional pain that I have experienced.
Joanna Grant's personal journey of Astrology and Thoth TarotIt is a gift born out of the fire…. an alchemical process if you will. I have tried to turn things around so that I can use my experiences in a positive way to help others.
I have wanted to do this since I was 22 and I am now 52. I was too young then to handle the energy, but now I have the strength and the knowledge and the confidence to do something with the gifts that I have. Life is a process…. for me a very long one!!
Sancheo: You truly do have remarkable gifts, do you teach or mentor at all?

Joanna: I am currently running two astrology teaching groups, which are based around the Thoth Tarot. These classes aim to teach astrology experientially through the use of your own chart and to help you to understand the energies as they manifest in the different areas of your life.

Later in the year, I am also planning a new course on reading the Thoth Tarot using astrological perspectives and also a “Rite of Passage” group. The Rite of Passage is aimed at women who are embracing the power of mid-life and are seeking to contact the feminine dynamic and sexual awakening of The Crone.

Through my astrological insights and use of Tarot, I have found this to be an extremely powerful time for women, as they find freedom from their childbearing years and are able to take up full ownership of their creative selves. 

Joanna Grant's personal journey of Astrology and Thoth Tarot
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Sancheo: Do you have a special message that you wish to share?

Joanna: Through my use of the Thoth Tarot, I have been able to tap into parts of my psyche, which I never would have had access to otherwise. The images of these cards enabled me to unlock my intuition in a way that has empowered and enlightened me and I can safely say that as I write this,  my feet are firmly planted on the road of my own Thoth Journey.

At the present time, I lead my life by the Tarot. I am allowing the Tarot to lead me through the darkness and lightness of change that I find myself in at this stage in my life. I offer a message of hope to all those out there who find life difficult or the way dark or dangerous.

We do have skills that can help us. We have our intuition, it is a valuable skill and never to be underestimated in the search for the truth of our own beings. 

joanna-grants-personal-journey-astrology-thothWhat an amazing woman…

I implore all middle-aged women to take the time to read Joanna’s high-spirited articles, Tarot Guide to Midlife.

I have so enjoyed these eye-opening articles. They really made me more aware of so much about my Self, my perception, in fact, they just truly resonated with me.

Joanna can also be reached at her Blog or you can follow her at Facebook.

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