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Questioning the Tarot about the Tarot

As an online Tarot advisor, I work with over 1,500 customers a year and listen to each of their predicaments. Each person’s situation changes vastly to the next. Albeit that there may be similarities found within their situations, each person’s perception of their circumstance is different. Thereby, each case is dealt with uniquely. There is no set precedent.

Asking the Tarot why one would need a Tarot reading

CBD Tarot de Marseille of Yoav Ben-Dov 4 of Cups rx
CBD Tarot de Marseille of Yoav Ben-Dov 4 of Cups rx

Today I drew one card, asking the CBD Tarot de Marseille of Yoav Ben-Dov to explain why I should read the Tarot. “What do my customers need to know about a Tarot Reading?” I know why everybody should read Tarot, but how do I convey my message? There are no words to explain, it is more energy, a feeling, a sense of knowing.

As you can see in the image, I have drawn The Four of Cups, I absolutely love this deck as it is a restoration of the 1760 Nicholas Conver deck, thereby using the original colors that were used before the Industrial Revolution. Each color has meaning and shares insights.

Reading the Tarot brings perspective to what the issue is.

So at first sight, I see that my querent may feel that my querent’s “world is upside down” as this card is reversed (Rx).

I can then ask, “which aspect of their world?” And here I find that it is Cups, so their quandary is emotional, it affects their feelings, and it is something that they feel compassionate about. My querents generally feel down, and emotional about their quandary. They seek compassion.

I can also see that they feel their stability has been tossed around, as four pertains to security and stability. So at first glance, I feel that their struggle is affecting their home, their group, where they fit into their circumstances and it is deeply affecting how they deal with their reality.

Finding Guidance in the Tarot

Now that I have identified the issue, what do I see as guidance? If this were any other situation in life, let’s say an investment opportunity, one would look towards the growth potential. So here at first glance, I see that the growth is indicative of an arrow being shot up. So, we follow that arrow, that direction. Even when things appear upside down, there is an alternative lift.

I can then ask, “How do I find that lift?” and the answer is clear within the colors of the arrow/growth. Firstly, there is light blue or azure, as the color police have called me out on previously. Now, blue is then thought processing, intellectual and correspondence. So first off we know that this can be sorted out through intellect.

So I ask, “with who?” and that answer is found in the shading… azure, i.e. light blue. Azure is blue with more white, which then gives a combination of spiritual correspondence. So meditation, prayer, spiritual guidance, higher thinking. The stems that “carry” the growth are red, once again pertaining to those whom you love, those who we saw were part of the issue.

The Outcome of the Situation

Following the guidance given, a Tarot Reading is an instrument, an advisor, a means of transformation. Your reading is a spiritual connection that assists my customers to contemplate what it is that they are truly striving for and reach their aspirations.

I am most impressed with this reading! In this one card, I have summed up what would have taken me months to contemplate in order to get the message across.  I read the Tarot to help my customers who feel they are not coping in their situations to see that there is a way to overcome their obstacles. Through reading the Tarot for them, I am able to assist them to find their direction. May this shed light on this incredible subject. Blessed Be )0(


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