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Read the Celtic Cross Tarot Spread with confidence

The full 10-Card Celtic Cross Tarot Spread is probably one of the most difficult Tarot Spreads to interpret, yet when completely understood, this incredible spread offers more enlightenment than any other. Sure, the Celtic Cross is normally printed in each Tarot Deck booklet and each interpretation is similar to the next. Here’s how to read the Celtic Cross Tarot Spread with confidence.

Read the Celtic Cross Tarot Spread with confidence

The Celtic Cross Tarot Spread

To the aspiring Tarot Reader this would seem a rather simple spread to take on with booklet in hand and just read each card in relation to its position. However, delving into the relationships between the cards is where the mastery comes in.

Celtic Cross Tarot Spread
Celtic Cross Tarot Spread

Subsections of the Celtic Cross Tarot Spread

The Celtic Cross consists of 2 parts, the actual cross, which pertains the feminine/receptive aspects and the staff that pertains to the masculine/active aspects. With this in mind do you find the full picture of the spread.

The Cross

The cross is divided into two various sections, being the inner and outer cross.

Inner Cross

The first two positions create your ‘inner circle’, that which affects you directly.

  • Position One pertains to the issue at hand  and how it is affecting you.
  • Position Two pertains to what is crossing or adding to the issue. This card identifies your immediate challenge and how it comes about.

Outer Cross

Position Three, Four, Five and Six then relate to your surrounding circumstances and environment.

  • Position 3 relates to the Root of your situation, that which roots you. Here you can identify the subconscious essence of the situation, the underlying factors of what is transpiring and the driving force.
  • Position 4 relates to that of the Past, here you will find that which has brought about the challenges seen in the inner cross.
  • Position 5 indicates that which you aspire to and will indicate that which you are consciously aiming toward.
  • Position 6 represents the most likely near future. (Bearing that you continue the way you are currently.) Note that this is not the outcome card, just a mere way-point on your journey.

Relationships within the Cross:

These six cards together formulate the cross and relate then to the feminine/passive side of your situation. So to understand the cross better, one would then look at the relationships between the cards.

  • Position three, one and five indicates your root, your now, and what you’re aspiring to, respectively.
  • Then consider position four, two and six – your past, present and  your near future.

The Staff

The Staff, Position Seven to Ten, then relates to the masculine/active side of your situation. Think of a staff and what one could accomplish with a Staff! That energy is yours to wield!

  • Thereby Position 7 would then relate to you, the querent. Within position 7 you can find the guidance, which will best suit your needs in order to deal with the situation.
  • Position 8 would pertain to the influence and impact you have on those surrounding you as well as how your environment impacts upon you. The laws of causality play a strong role here.
  • Position 9 relates to your hopes and fears. Does the idea of a hope and fear sharing one card leave you stumped? Many ask, “How can one card represent both my hopes and fears?” It is however often said to be careful of that which you wish for! Yes, very often that what you truly wish for is that which you most fear.
  • Position 10 then concludes that if you continue on the path you’re on, bearing in mind that the future is not in stone, then position 10 is your outcome card. Read the surrounding cards to see how to make the most of the indicated outcome.

Relationships within the Staff

Read the Celtic Cross Tarot Spread with confidenceTo ascertain a complete relationship here, take a deeper look at the relationships of each staff card:

  • Position 7 earth
  • Position 8 water
  • Position 9 Air
  • Position 10 Fire

How do these elements relate to each of the cards within the staff positions?

Relationships within the reading

To best understand the outcome cards, take a look at the relationships between the positions:

  • Position 7 and position 10, what advice are you receiving?
  • How do the experiences of the past, position 4 affect your outcome?
  • What lessons from the past can assist you?
  • What is position 6 preparing you for?
  • How can the advice of position 7 guide you?
  • What is unconsciously (position 3) affecting your hopes and fears? (position 9)
  • How is what you are aspiring to (position 5) affecting your outcome? (position 10)

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Please leave insight as to how you relate to the Celtic Cross and what interesting views you have. If you would like me to do your Celtic Cross Tarot Spread reading, please don’t hesitate to contact me. 🙂

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