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Review of Fairy Tale Lenormand deck.

I was most excited to receive my little parcel in the mail a while back. Having interviewed my new cards, I must admit that I really enjoyed my findings. This deck has surprised me. I, therefore, would like to share my thoughts with you in this Review of Fairy Tale Lenormand deck.

Review of Fairy Tale Lenormand deck

Review of Fairy Tale Lenormand deck

Review of Fairy Tale Lenormand deck

First Impressions Last

My first impression of these cards is still unwavering. I love the presentation and packaging. These little cards are packaged in a wonderful little tin boasting the most intriguing artwork of Lisa Hunt. The simple, yet pertinent, symbolism of the tin already widens one’s imagination with what to expect from the 5.72cm x 8.89cm cards. The Fairy Tale Lenormand deck’s name sums up the cards. Each of the 36 traditional cards is based on one of our favorite childhood fairy tales and the morals that we learned.

Companion Book

Become a psychicWithin the little tin, beneath the deck of cards, lies a wonderfully printed 120-page companion book written by Arwen Lynch. The book has a high gloss finish of the same picture boasted on the tin. The dedication in the book is truly moving and yes, empowering, but I’m not giving away any spoilers 🙂

Arwen creates a wonderful rendition of each childhood story and how the fairy tale resonates with each card. Each chapter represents a card.  Arwen includes the traditional playing card and keywords pertaining to each card. A full description that in no way impedes the Lenormand’s traditional meanings, but rather adds an element of depth, is then explained to the reader.

Arwen has also included the Fan Spreads, Crossroads Spreads, Tower Spread, and Happily Ever Afters with full explanation of layout, meanings and so much more insights. Truly remarkable.  

Donnaleigh de LaRose writes The Forward of the companion book. She is undoubtedly one of my absolute favorite International Tarot and Oracle teachers. She has won multi-awards for her educational cartomancy podcast, Tarot Tribe: Beyond Worlds. Donnaleigh’s synopsis of this magical deck rings true for me… It allows us to reflect on our own life’s fairy tale.

The Cards

The deck is compiled of 36 traditional 5.72cm x 8.89cm cards plus an extra “Gentleman” and an extra “Lady” card for those more personalized readings. I find these extra cards truly helpful, especially when reading the Grand Tableau. I tend to see the querent as well as any ‘significant others’ that may be affecting the situation. The significance of the two extra cards is also beautifully explained in the companion book, thereby pertaining to the “Prince/Princess – Pauper” situations we face in life.

Winner of the Tarosophists Award for Best Lenormand Deck 2016

The cards are reversible. I, personally, don’t use reversals in Lenormand readings as I do in Tarot readings. The back of the cards has intertwined plant life framing the outer border, while the center image is that of opposite facing keyholes surrounded by scrollwork. Again, the artwork is mesmerizing.

The images encompass the full cards allowing ease in your reading, especially within a Grand Tableau. The cards do have their names written beneath the images as well as the playing card which it represents. The top left corners clearly represent the Lenormand number.

Theme of Cards

The theme is that of magical Fairy Tales. Lisa Hunt, extremely well-known within the Tarot realm for her inspiring art, has brought a surreal essence of magic to these cards. Each card has a unique childhood story tied to it allowing the reader to reflect on their past as well as the fairy tale they are currently writing for their future.http://www.thewinningwish.com/review-of-fairy-…e-lenormand-deck/

As we all know, Lenormand cards have a strict meaning to each card, which separates them from the Tarot. Traditional Lenormand meanings remain the basis of the Fairy Tale Lenormand deck, albeit the artwork does add pertinent significance.


The Fairy Tale Lenormand deck fascinates me. In fact, I have grown to love it. I can easily understand how this deck earned the title of “Winner of the Tarosophists Award for Best Lenormand Deck 2016”. The size of these cards fit my hands perfectly but also fit my Lenormand Grant Tableau board. The size of imagery is also perfect as the cards are easy on the eye, yet, the images are easily visible. I love that the tin is sturdy and will protect my cards far longer than any cardboard box. As much as I have enjoyed the older, more traditional style of Lenormand, these Fairy Tale Lenormands have indeed found a home in my daily use collection.


Lenormand card spreads

Wishing you all the very best with your Lenormand deck! Please feel free to share your thoughts on these magical cards in the comment section or feel free to contact me.  For any of you wishing to share your thoughts that you may find helpful or insightful to others, I would love to see your article with our Magical Articles 🙂

Blessed Be,

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