Setting a new stronger mindset with the Tarot

With Christmas upon us, it is often a rather disconcerting time, especially for freelancers. I find that time management is of great importance, yet holiday season makes this quest almost impossible. Which leads to today’s reading, just how setting a new stronger mindset can change one’s destiny and add zest to the drive.

Setting a new stronger mindset

Today’s spread is rather simple consisting of three cards, but each with its own shadow card. The first relates to the situation, the second what needs release and the third, what to embrace. The shadow cards then identify that which I am should be more aware of.

Setting a new stronger mindset
Setting a new stronger mindset with the Tarot. Like the Thoth deck? Purchase here.

The Situation:

Two of Swords.

Here you can see how the card resonates with the quandary of time management. Perception is playing a big role here. The Two of Swords is reminding you to find inner peace at the point of core of your situation. Libra is indicating that must be more loving and nurturing toward the outer community. The moon is once again indicating to reflect the light which you have received.


The Hermit

Ruled by Virgo, the Hermit adds clarity to the Two of Swords. We can once again see how using your light is of utmost importance. Finding your inner light as a guide for others.

What to release:

Nine of Wands:

The backdrop of the Nine of Wands gives a sure explanation of the mindset – things have become dark. However, the powerful Sagittarius is reminding your strength in being so well-developed. You have the ability and creativity to advance and overcome. Release all self-doubt.


Five of Wands:

Here we can see a bright yellow (Air, intellect, communication) backdrop. You now see intellectual consideration or communication relating to your personal fire is necessary. The winged Caduceus seen indicates that there has been so much strife and now it is time to heal. Jupiter is reminder that you have reached a time of personal growth. Once again, release self-doubt and move ahead.

What to embrace:

Prince of Discs:

The backdrop of abundant growth and prosperity indicates active movement in the realm of finances. Taurus gives momentum to the chariot, indicating drive and assertiveness. Once again, there is no doubting only earnest focus.



Ten of Wands:

Setting a new stronger mindsetHere the shadow is reminding you not to give up, even when things seem tough. You have all the tools, all the know how and even when the load is heavy, keep your drive. Your focus and your ability to take aim (Sagittarius) will bring your prosperity (Capricorn)

While going through these cards, it may be advantageous to go through which questions to ask the Tarot whilst doing this reading.

I do trust this article has been meaningful and inspiring to you! Have a wonderful holiday season and remember, you have it all within you! You are after all the most amazing powerful creation on our little planet earth… and beyond 😉

Blessed Be,

The Winning Wish


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