Suit of Discs Meaning

The Suit of Discs relate to the element of Earth, which in turn relates to the material side and thereby the physical financial aspect of day-to-day living.

Suit of Discs

Suit of Discs Meaning
Tarot de Marseille Ace of Discs

The suit of discs are also often referred to as pentacles or coins, which sheds some light on their nature. Discs, as per the element of Earth, are the gifts of Mother Nature and thereby can relate to any part of the physical realm and that which you manifest.

As Discs are the fourth of the elements, we can see that the combination of Fire, Water and Air is now combining in the manifestation of Earth. Thereby, we can ascertain that the Discs are in direct proportion to the ternary and by so doing bring about transition in our physical material realms.

“What you put in, is what you get out”.


Pentacles relate to the element of Earth. Here one can see that earth could not survive without the other three elements. Pentacles are thus annual markers in time depicting Years and Winter. Find out more about timing in the Tarot.

The Suit of Discs

Suit of DiscsThe Discs originally referred to the Town-Dwellers and traders in the Feudal Society.

Pertains to the physical, material and the realm of manifestation.



Suit of Discs relate to Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn. Find out more about the elusive Tarot-Zodiac Combination. 


Results, actualization, sensation, security, grounding, contentedness, manifestation, skills, craftsmanship, rewards for accomplishment, fruits of labor, tradition, physical and material.


When you have been dealt a card from the Suit of Discs, direct your thoughts to that which is physically or materially affecting you. What have you manifested through your behavior? Which paths can you alter? Does something needs more work? What great physical or material gifts can you now use?

Do as you will, but harm none.

Blessed Be,

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