Two-card reading using a Shadow Card

Two-card reading using a Shadow Card Today we explore a Two-card reading using a Shadow Card as an outcome and for this, you will be exploring the cards of the  Thoth Tarot Deck. This reading is most often used when the time is of the essence and as one can ascertain, things are normally transpiring at […]

5 easy steps to intuitively reading Tarot

5 easy steps to intuitively reading Tarot I have studied the Tarot for about two decades, if not longer, and I believe that there is still much to learn. However, you can use these 5 easy steps to intuitively reading Tarot to do your own intuitive readings in under 7 minutes. After all, the Tarot is an art form […]

Interview with Tarot Reader, Tess Sutton

Tess Sutton is not your average Tarotist. She is a Tarot mentor, a student, a single parent, and has now finally launched her own website. This diverse tarotist really expresses depth and understanding in all her writings. Today I am extremely honored to have an interview with Tarot Reader, Tess Sutton. I trust you will find her as […]

Top 5 insightful Tarot Experiences To Help You Get Ahead.

Today Brigit Esselmont from Biddy Tarot shares her top 5 insightful Tarot Experiences to help you get ahead. Perhaps you live in a small village with not too many “tarot-minded” folk? Or perhaps you wish to leave your corporate job to begin your full-time “not so airy fairy” Tarot Business? Brigit has been through these experiences and more, today […]