Accept it, you’re upside-down.

Last week I received the honors of being a moderator of Tarotvia, an awesome study group for Tarot de Marseille readers. However, lately, I have been finding myself yearning to write, but absolutely at a slump to actually sit myself down and intellectually decipher what it is I need to write about. My thoughts have […]

Delving into Archangel Power Tarot Cards

Many querents have requested Angel Readings from me, so as I have read many of Doreen Virtues books and once owned her angel oracle cards, I decided to invest in Archangel Power Tarot Cards. Archangel Power Tarot Cards As a lover of Tarot de Marseille and an avid Thoth Tarot reader, I really wasn’t expecting all that much from this […]

The Tarot’s Royal family and their Elements

The Royal family of the Tarot very often become a quandary in a Tarot reading. Understanding the Tarot’s Royal family and their Elements will assist you in understanding each Court Card’s personality. Grasping the relationship held within the Court Card itself truly makes a huge difference, especially when identifying the relationships between the Court Card and its neighboring […]