My favorite magic word

I have often heard of words that can make a difference in one’s life. Some speak of love, hope, trust and so forth. However, it can be immensely difficult to make the necessary changes when all you can think of is, “But I love him” or “I hope this works” or “But I trust him”. […]

Understand how to select your Tarot Spread

To understand how to select your Tarot Spread is as crucial as the question being posed. There are so many Tarot Spreads around. Some, like the Celtic Cross, have been around for centuries. However, Tarotists are creating new spreads daily. The layout behind each spread depends on the question being asked. Therefore, understanding the question at […]

5 Simple Ways Tarot Determines Time

5 Simple Ways Tarot Determines Time Very often my querents ask, “When will this happen? When will my soul mate arrive? When will I hear if they have accepted me?” Well bear with me, as here are the 5 Simple Ways Tarot Determines Time. I trust this will help you on your journey with the Tarot. […]