The Tarot

The Tarot

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Become excited about what it is and how you can use the Tarot in your day-to-day life. Before we get started, you may wish to clear your mind of much that you may "know" about it. Sadly, the media, religion and many other ‘reliable sources’ have misrepresented the Tarot.

Your Journey with The Tarot

The Tarot paves a way of understanding your life’s journey. It allows you to ‘compartmentalize’ your options and choices in such a manner that you are able to identify your needs in order to find that much sought-after balance. Through understanding some of these complexities, you will surely find yourself becoming enthralled by numerology and how these rules apply to astrology, thereby understanding the Universe. Therein, the Tarot finds itself deep-rooted in the Kabbalah and those ancient mystic understandings of the Bible. Your studies will ensure limitless paths of understanding.

Having merely glimpsed at what encapsulates the Tarot, you can see how The Fool, enumerated as 0, opens and closes the Trumps. Each path isn’t a journey, but a waypoint of the journey. We are constantly reminded to focus on each path, rather than on the mere destination.

Each card is part of the process. Each identifies yet another intricate part of keeping the balance. Thereby enabling you to correct your judgments, to set your goals, and transform.

May your journey be insightful and ever-growing.

The Winning Wish is here for all, so if you wish to share your ideas, I would love to publish your work and provide you with the links you need to get your written work out there.

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