The Familiar Path

I AM a student of life, not only a Professional Tarot Reader, or Single Parent or ex Police Officer, or any other box society claims to stick me in. I have a curious mind and thereby I choose to read all I can set my eyes on. There is always an answer, when you ask the right question. Rumi wrote, “All you seek is seeking you.

Strategizing my flight path to the Apex with Familiar Vision

And most time, the answers are staring me right in the face. Like this beautiful familiar tree outside my bedroom balcony. I see my apex through a familiar vision.

More about my strategizing my flight path to reaching that apex as we go. However, should you be needing assistance with finding your ‘flightpath’, I offer my services to you.

Trust yourself, equipment and your ability to read your conditions if you plan to fly safe in life. This particular flight I was checking on my dear friend, Johnny, a crazy pilot from Germany. Coastal soaring, Wilderness, South Africa.

Fly High and Fly Safe

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