The Suit of Cups Meaning

The Suit of Cups relate to the element of Water, the feminine receptive primal element and deals with the more emotional side of your day-to-day living.

Suit of Cups

The Suit of Cups
Tarot de Marseille Ace of Cups

Here we see how water relates to feelings and compassion, the more feminine side of love and nurturing. You can relate to the suit of Cups with “My Cup Overflows”, that innermost joy and happiness. Cups assist us in making those heartfelt decisions, where spontaneity and  compulsion overwhelm.

Cups were often referred to as Chalices. In the Biblical sense, the chalice or cup was used to receive the blood of Christ at the Last Supper. Here we can identify with the receptive loving nature of this wonderful suit.



Cups relate to the element of Water. Water relates to the Moon. The moon has lunar cycle, and thereby cups relate to months. Cups depict the time when the Sun’s reign is shortening, giving way to the Moon and thereby relate to Autumn. Find out more about Tarot and timing.

Suit of Cups:

The Suit of CupsSuit of Cups originally referred to the Clergy of the Feudal Society.

Pertain to the emotions.


Watery astrological signs of Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces. Find out more about the elusive Tarot-Zodiac Connection.


Feelings, love, emotions, unconscious, imagination, intuition, being psychic, dreams, visions, visualization, inner processes, relationships, reflection, affection, care, desires, love, cleansing, relationships.


When dealt a card from the suit of cups, direct your thoughts to a more sensitive emotional aspect of dealing with your situation. Do you need to be more understanding. Are you perhaps over thinking and not feeling? Cups remind us to love, have compassion and face our situations in a more caring nurturing manner.

May you have many tears of joy!

Blessed Be,

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