The Transformation of Death XIII

Nobody truly knows the meaning of death or what happens when we die. Personally, I believe that is why XIII in the Tarot has no name. There are just no words to explain. However, we have all witnessed death. We feel the loss of our loved ones. We see the devastation on the news. Yet, how does one process death? What does it mean? These are all questions that I have seen in querents, family, and friends alike.

Death XIII

The Tarot does bring a perspective to death. In Tarot, I hardly ever interpret XIII as physical death, but rather as an analogy, as Transformation.  So to all my loved ones, friends and family, I would like to share what the Tarot has brought to me regarding XIII“Nothing Real Can Be Threatened; Nothing Unreal Exists” The Course in Miracles.

Everything in nature transforms. The caterpillar becomes the butterfly as dung feeds the earth. Nothing dies in nature that doesn’t become part of something better. What dies transforms into something more than before. Death can also thereby be taken into consideration in a more figurative manner, Death of old habits or death of the way things were. Ending a cycle so that a new one can begin. Closing old doors that just don’t open anymore, and finding a wonderful door with a whole new world, this pertaining to relationships, work, illness, or just thought patterns. So in both a literal and figurative way, death is indicative of changes. It alerts you to take cognizance of your situation and bring about improvements.  Change is after all one of the few things in life that is inevitable.

CBD Tarot de Marseille of Yoav Ben-Dov Death
CBD Tarot de Marseille of Yoav Ben-Dov Death XIII

Death by Lorraine Candy

I must let go what serves me not

Release my fears to chance

Embrace the change of me within

To grow, I must advance.

Trust, I will with fiery heart

In what I may not see

The end be done, the day anew

I seize my destiny!

©By Lorraine Candy

Healing by Poetry



Tarot Reversal

XIII in reversed (rx) position is really telling you that you’re not allowing yourself the changes that you are needing at this point. Ask yourself why. For example in a relationship scenario, are you holding on to your unhappy relationship purely because you’re too scared of being alone? Are you too scared to make the changes you need that you may find your own happiness? Death reversed truly makes one delve deeper into unhappy issues that we need to free ourselves from. Read more on reversals in Tarot

In the Kabbalah

The Kabbalah teaches that on the path of Death, “God blessed sea creatures and fowl”. To be on the path of death, one must travel between Tiphareth (Beauty, Sun, Leo) and Netzach (Victory, Venus, Taurus, Libra, Solar Plexus, Heart). So, clearly being a malevolent path, why is this path then so disconcerting? The 24th path of the Tree of Life is known in Hebrew as Nun, meaning fish. This is a path of transformation as this is where the “Self” finds itself when it strives to become complete. Thereby to rid itself of its destructive ways. Netzach (victory) is the driving force of the self to be victorious over that which is no longer of use to us. If one were then to be traveling back up the tree, one can see how it is the “Self” once again desiring to be energized and reunite with Divine love again, which is none other than sharing that experience of Eternal Life.

Death - Dream AnalysisIn Dream Analysis

Within our dream worlds, dreaming that you have died, is actually a very similar interpretation of XIII in the Tarot. Here you can see that it is your subconscious telling you that there is something that you need to let go of. Very often we strive so hard to make things work, after all, that is what is expected of us within the rules of society. However, this societal outlook does not give us much room for transformation.

To dream that you have passed away, is your inner being, your higher self, reminding you to look around and release what is no longer serving you that you may grow and live your dream life. Read more on Dream Analysis

A quote from Carl Jung

Therefore I behold death, since it teaches me how to live. If you accept death, it is altogether like a frosty night and an anxious misgiving, but a frosty night in a vineyard full of sweet grapes. You will soon take pleasure in your wealth. Death ripens. One needs death to be able to harvest the fruit. Without death, life would be meaningless, since the long-lasting rises again and denies its own meaning. To be, and to enjoy your being, you need death, and limitation enables you to fulfill your being. ~Carl Jung; Red Book.

May all be blessed, may all be restored with every dawn

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