Types of dreams

This is a list of the most common types of dreams that I’ve assisted my querents with. I will update if any other types become more recurrent. However, please feel free to contact me with your insights and experiences. These are those ‘Dream within a dream dreams’. Normally the dreamer wakes up and continues their […]

Understand how to select your Tarot Spread

To understand how to select your Tarot Spread is as crucial as the question being posed. There are so many Tarot Spreads around. Some, like the Celtic Cross, have been around for centuries. However, Tarotists are creating new spreads daily. The layout behind each spread depends on the question being asked. Therefore, understanding the question at […]

Using Shadow Cards during Tarot Reading

The shadow card functions as a magical tool in your reading. This card shines light on anything that hiding behind shadows, underlying, unexposed. Using shadow cards is a means of navigating the unknown mindset of your querent. Using Shadow Cards Carl Jung referred to our darker sides and ego personalities as ‘shadow’ sides that we hardly […]

The Healing Tarot Spread

The Healing Tarot Spread is an eloquent tool for exploring our past traumas that often prevent us from growth. Once you are able to define the obstacle, you can overcome it. It is the unresolved issues that cause emotional blocks and more so, scar us in such a way that our perception becomes tainted. The Healing Tarot […]

Prepare for what lies ahead with the Upcoming Year Tarot Spread

The upcoming year tarot spread is wonderful for determining what you need to prepare for, albeit the New Year or our birthday, it’s always great to recognize our future potential. Upcoming Year Tarot Spread Reading the Upcoming Year Tarot Spread Shuffle your cards while focusing your energy purely on the year that lies ahead. If you […]

Discover the meaning of the High Priestess II in Tarot

To explore the meaning of The High Priestess II in Tarot, you need understand that she is a woman directly in touch with God, however you choose to perceive your God/Goddess. She is one who carries Truth, Vision, and Knowledge. Thereby it is the High Priestess who transforms this knowledge into wisdom and provides to […]

Read the Celtic Cross Tarot Spread with confidence

The full 10-Card Celtic Cross Tarot Spread is probably one of the most difficult Tarot Spreads to interpret, yet when completely understood, this incredible spread offers more enlightenment than any other. Sure, the Celtic Cross is normally printed in each Tarot Deck booklet and each interpretation is similar to the next. Here’s how to read […]

Tyr’s Aett: Root of Re-Creation

Tyr’s Ætt in the Elder Futhark RunesEach Ætt brings about its own nature and energy. Tyr’s Ætt, which relate to the last eight runes of the Elder Futhark Runes, is about life and death and thereby transition into re-creation.The first rune, as per this Ætt’s name, represents the head of the Germanic pantheon, Tyr. This is complex rune therefore […]

Hagal’s Ætt in the Elder Futhark Runes

Second Ættir of the Elder Futhark RunesHagal’s Ætt in the Elder Futhark RunesEach Ætt brings about its own nature and energy. Hagal’s Ætt, which relate to the second grouping of eight runes of the Elder Futhark Runes, is about nurturing and pertains to the root of destruction.Hagal’s Ætt begins with Hagalaz depicting hail and thereby being indoors protected […]