Types of dreams

Understanding Various Types of Dreams

This is a list of the most common types of dreams that I've assisted my querents with. I will update if any other types become more recurrent. However, please feel free to contact me with your insights and experiences.

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False Awakening

These are those 'Dream within a dream dreams'. Normally the dreamer wakes up and continues their day only to later realize that they're still dreaming. A common example of a False Awakening is bed-wetting.

Continuum dreams

Continuum dreams are closely related as here the dreamer has fallen asleep, but believes they're still awake. Very often Continuum dreams may lead to sleep walking.

Lucid Dreams

Lucid dreams are also related as they have that 'awakening', which allow you to realize you're dreaming.

These dreams allow you to decide whether to wake up or continue your dream. Many have the ability to continue dreaming and then partake the course the dream takes.

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Interactive Dreams

These are dreams where you interact with another person, but on another dimension. For example, I recall of my first interactive dreams being about my mother, who went away on course when I was about seven-years-old. Yet, that evening she appeared on my bed. We spoke for ages and eventually I 'fell asleep'.

The following morning I ran to my dad asking where my mum was and he scowled me, "You know your mother is away." When my mum rang later the evening, I told her of my dream and she mentioned that she had worn the exact clothing I had seen in my dreams.

These dreams signify the VIPs in your current state of consciousness and very often reveal pertinent guidance or advice.

Recurring Dreams

These dreams are messages of great importance that brought forward directly from your subconscious. Recurring dreams are often filled with symbology and reflect your circumstances. Dream analysis is of utmost importance when having recurring dreams.

Prophetic Dreams

Prophetic Dreams are precisely that, they are latent dreams that become manifest and thereby predict what is to transpire. These dreams allow you to prepare or sometimes, grant you an opportunity to change what lies ahead. For example, since a very young age, I have dreams that manifest in my reality four days later.

  • Prodromic Dreams

    These dreams fall under prophetic dreams as they most often indicate the onset of disease or ailments. However, as with prophetic dreams, by choosing to react to the dream's message, prodromic dreams allow you to change the course of action.

    In Prodromic Dreams, the dreamer dreams of healing, ailing or of taking medications that they don't normally use. These direct messages are often fail safe warnings from your body that may well assist you in avoiding potential health problems.

For example, I dreamed I that I was in an extremely hot vast golden space where I gave my father an orange liquid to drink and he died. I mentioned this to my mother and could see the concerned look on her face. Four days later, we were in the Kuiseb Canyons, Namibia.

Everybody went scouting for indigenous ephemeral plants, while I chose to remain behind with my father. As he asked me to get him something to drink, my dream flashed back and startled me. I handed the ice-cold beverage to him, he sipped it and had a heart-attack. Fortunately, after hospitalization, he survived.

In hindsight, which is always 20/20, I can't help but think what if we had paid more attention to my dream? Perhaps my dad could have popped in at the doc for a checkup? I guess it's human as a parent to "There, there now, that was a nightmare" as it is for me to think back with "But, what if..."

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It is most often within recurring dreams that most dreamers find themselves mesmerized by either losing their handbags or teeth, finding themselves in large houses, shooting but no bullets come out, trying to run but their feet won't move... these dreams all hold strong messages and only occur when certain conditions trigger them. They're like little flags that pop up saying, "Okay, ready? You know what to do next."The Winning Wish

Recurring dreams need proper dream analysis because once again, they are filled with symbology and meaning. These symbols, along with the circumstance and environment of the dream, contain exceptionally important underlying factors that need to be revealed to the conscious state of the dreamer. As earlier mentioned, there are many types of dreams, these are simply the most common. If you find yourself in need of dream analysis or have any questions, please do contact me as I would love to be of assistance.

Blessed Be,

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