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Prepare for what lies ahead with the Upcoming Year Tarot Spread

The upcoming year tarot spread is wonderful for determining what you need to prepare for, albeit the New Year or our birthday, it’s always great to recognize our future potential.

Upcoming Year Tarot Spread
Upcoming Year Tarot Spread with clarifying card placed at the top left corner. Do you like these cards? Order your Thoth Tarot deck here.

Upcoming Year Tarot Spread

Reading the Upcoming Year Tarot Spread

Shuffle your cards while focusing your energy purely on the year that lies ahead. If you wish to draw your cards one by one, i.e shuffle and draw one month at a time or lay them out in a consecutive flow, that remains your choice. However, remaining focused while shuffling remains your top priority. 🙂

Upcoming Year Tarot SpreadWhen your cards are drawn and you have ascertained the their individual meanings, then take a look at how they correlate with each other. If you really feel stumped by a ‘bad month’, feel free to draw a clarifying card for that position, it may just add some light.

However, remember that there aren’t really ‘bad’ cards in the Tarot. So even if you draw the Tower for a month, that may just mean that there will be unexpected transitions.  However, what is important within that interpretation is with every transition comes a valuable opportunity.

Overall Theme Card of the Upcoming Year.

The overall theme of the year is then your guidance card as to how to approach the upcoming year. Here again, you can draw a clarifying card to assist you if you so wish as per the above photograph.

Using Shadow cards

Tarot For Newbies - Introduction to the Tarot - The Winning Wish

If you wish to use shadow cards, then preferably shuffle your cards, draw your card and then draw a shadow card from the bottom of the pile before continuing to the next month.

Needing some assistance with readings or Shadow cards?

Download your free printable, Tarot for Newbies and be sure to visit Your Blueprint to understanding the Tarot.


Please bear in mind that your future is not set in stone. Albeit that this spread is powerful and accurate, it remains a means of guidance only. So record your reading, reflect upon it as often as possible and use the interpretations as a tool. Hey, isn’t it great to have this wonderful tool at your disposal? 🙂

Upcoming Year Tarot SpreadFeel free to contact me with your feedback and findings or if you would like to book your Upcoming Year Tarot Spread reading with me.

Upcoming Year Tarot Spread-The Winning Wish

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