Withdrawing my funds from PayPal to FNB e-8117 error code.

With the Covid-19 and lockdowns, among so many other atrocities transpiring globally, I find myself now being personally affected by not being able to withdraw funds from my PayPal acco

unt to my FNB account. FNB’s logo is “how can we help you?” Yet there are no updates being given on the situation other than the original notification that their service is “temporarily unavailable”. I shift my focus to the Tarot. “How can I help myself with FNB?” I am using the Spanish Tarot – a reproduction of a Tarot of 1736 Fournier Museum – Vitoria.

As you can tell, this deck is my personal workhorse choice. I love the cardstock, colours and it is a combo of Type One and Two TdM, something I trust to go into soon with you.

The Upside Down Tower – The Influence that I am receptive of.

If we look at the Tower, it’s a hierarchy. The toppled crown alongside the leaf of growth and structure is well upside down. Governments and Crowns appear misplaced, health and growth are surrounded by Covid-19, which is well seen in all the balls in The Tower.


However, being someone who lives rather detached from all this, my headspace has been pretty neutral. Analogous to when paragliding above the turmoil of inversion, Blue Sky! So I see what I need to do here, I need to recognize that this too will sort itself. Remain above it all and enjoy the flight.

I have committed to renewing my paragliding pilot license with Johan Anderson of Wild2Fly, so yes, this is really applicable to me – Love the Tarot!

The Upside Down or ‘Reversed’ 8 of Cups – that I Am Expressing

Balls of virus grow to secure flowers keeping the upside down cups in place

Yes, upside down to me is what it is – a situation whereby I have so much to be grateful for, but now my funds are stuck and I am wasting energy on this frustration. I love my job, my home, definitely my daughter and our health, there is so much I can cheer to and celebrate, especially in these times of The Tower. And now this lack of flow, yes, there is no flow of my finances, correct.

The virus balls seen in the Tower turns to four flowers, i.e. growth from the virus holding the cups upside down. Meaning, while FNB is unable to get ahead. I need to recognize all the opportunities of the cups, then turn the toxins into an opportunity of growth. In other words, stop focusing on waste and rather focus on my passions.

Ten Deniers – The Outcome

Here it is as if the virus balls, which had become the flowers in the 8 of cups, now grow into deniers. FNB finally solidifies their structure and finances are secure.

The broken growth from the Tower, is now a violet flower, indicating my focus needs to be that of higher thought. I really enjoy my meditations, it is a constant in my life. I therefore relate the indigo flower to my brow, my ‘third eye’. As a hotline Tarot reader, this means I need to get to work.

Keep my headspace above the chaos noting that the virus becomes the flower, becomes the Denier, becomes the new core creation of higher growth.

Here it is as if the virus balls, which had become the flowers in the cups, now grow into deniers. FNB finally solidifies their structure and finances are secure.

Rise above the chaos, focus on creating a financial foundation for when my cups are filled.

The cards are reminding me of my roots as well as my connection to all as per the macro cosmos. My focus is then how to expand this thought to others, to network, and thereby create my stability, tenfold 壟

May it be so! Wishing you love and safety


UPDATE: All sorted by time of publishing 😉

Much love!

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