Understanding the Elusive Tarot-Zodiac Connection

Many of us have read our Zodiac signs in the local newspapers and magazines. The Zodiac is pretty much known to all households. However, I believe that we can all recognize and appreciate that there’s a tad more to the Zodiac than our weekly forecasts. Today I wish to share my understanding of the elusive Tarot-Zodiac Connection. 

Understanding the elusive Tarot-Zodiac Connection

Understanding the elusive Tarot-Zodiac Connection
Understanding the elusive Tarot-Zodiac Connection

Tarot and the Zodiac Wheel.

Understanding the Signs of the Zodiac as per the wheel:

In Diagram 1. you can see that the wheel is divided into two halves, the ascending and descending respectively.

First half (ascending) of the wheel pertains to the Development of Self.

Understanding the elusive Tarot-Zodiac Connection
Diagram 1. Tarot-Zodiac Connection

The first sign is Aries ♈ (Ram), March 21 – April 20, ruled by Mars ♂

As Aries is the first sign, it stands to reason how this sign would then be seen as the vernal equinox and thereby Spring.

Thereby we see the awakening and emergence in Aries. We can also recognize their joyful, impatient, impulsive and often intolerant natures.

Aries are very often referred to as the Zodiac Warriors.

The second sign is Taurus ♉ (Bull), April 21 – May 20, ruled by Venus ♀

Here we see the full ripeness of Spring giving Taurus the prudence and tenacity. As Taureans tend to the spring gardens, you can see their connection to mother earth and it is that connection that make them the Zodiac’s Sensualist. Taurus is exceptionally attuned to nature, they are born to value, learn from and care for the physical world. Taureans are blessed with stamina and endurance in the mental and physical sense.

Albeit that Taureans are known to think things through, it is to be noted that Taureans may become fiercely jealous or even violently angry when pushed too far.

The third sign is Gemini ♊ (Twins) May 21 – June 21, ruled by Mercury ☿

Mercury is the closest planet to the Sun and thereby it only takes 88 days to complete it’s orbit. With this in mind, Mercury is thus seen as the messenger that brings about swift change through communication, intellect and playful curiosity. Here we find the wordsmiths of the zodiac. However, there are two sides to every story and also every thought, leaving the Gemini very open to sudden changes of mindset. Geminis like to keep their options open and often battle with the idea of commitment. They are normally extremely charming, exceptionally witty and most venturesome.

Geminis are seen as the adolescent of the zodiac.

The fourth sign is Cancer,♋ (Crab), June 22 – July 22, ruled by the Moon ☽

As you reach Cancer, see how you are reaching the gestation period and thereby you can identify the necessity to preserve life. It is important to note just how opposite Cancer is to the preceding signs as Cancer represents the feminine, receptive watery aspect.

Here we can identify with the building of the boundaries, the gathering, incubation and nurturing side. Cancerians are family centered and bound in traditions, but note that this can also leave them tied to the past. Security remains the major goal of the Cancerian, without it they are quick to fall into states of melancholy.

Their hard outer-shell may display them as extroverts, however, it is  their introvert nature that they protect when they move sideways to use their power of perception in order to safeguard the their very soft inner nature.

Cancerians hunger for love and this often leaves them in doubt, which often allows them to be seen as the pushiest of the Zodiac.

The fifth sign is Leo, ♌ (Lion) July 23 – AugUST 22, ruled by the Sun ☉

You are now reaching the height of summer placing Leo as the center of attention.

It is therefore easy to see how a well-developed Leo lives for the moment and supports those surrounding them. They will have no need to find their audience as their energy attracts those from far and wide. Leos are loyal in their love and their sincerity withholds nothing back.

However, it is very easy for these dynamic lions to crave attention and rule their prides, or even demand a monument to edify their ‘spectacular selves’. If unchecked, their demands lead to insensitive, destructive dominance.

Thereby we can look to Shakespeare’s play As You Like It, “All the world’s a stage, and all the men and women merely players; They all have their exits and their entrances, And one man in his time plays many parts”, but Leo represents the director, producer and star of all  drama, it is but their self-development that chooses the genre.

The sixth sign is Virgo, ♍ (Maiden) August 23 – September 22, ruled by Mercury ☿

As you reach the last zodiac sign of the first half of the wheel, you can see how summer is now ending and it is time to harvest. We can see that the Virgo is thus the “complete man” and seeks larger meanings in life regarding cause and purpose.

Virgo is where culture comes into play, wisdom is essential and life mysteries begin to unfold. Virgo seeks the logical, practical and methodical realizations of the mind. They thrive on order and organization and thereby can be very serious with a strict sense of obligation.

However, their need to be purposeful can leave them badly bruised when their efforts are thwarted. Virgo is often very suspicious of passion and often begin to rehearse life, rather than experience it for all it has to offer. Their constant worrying can also lead to rather capricious behavior.

Albeit that they have incredible creativity, their constant need to control can leave them somewhat handicapped, also their moralistic obsession can also leave them to appear cold.

Virgo is often seen as the analysts, critics and purists of the zodiac.

Second half (descending) of the wheel pertains to the self in respect to community and others.

Diagram 2. Our Solar System. Understanding the elusive Tarot-Zodiac Connection
Diagram 2. Our Solar System.

Understanding the elusive Tarot-Zodiac Connection


Libra is the first sign in the second half of the wheel and thereby, also under the rule of Venus, is the first to expand themselves more toward the goal of harmony and relationships than toward the self.

Libra balances generation and repose seeking that perfect balance between harmony and justice. Librans find it incredibly difficult to say “no” to anybody. They are emotionally rich and fruitful relationships mean the world to Librans.

Librans grasp, understand and do all they can to “Do no harm” and open themselves to invite confidence and trust, however, they can also keep themselves emotionally distant while doing so. They are capable of being compassionately detached and this often leads them to be prone to martyrdom.

Libra is often seen as the inanimate symbol.


I consider Scorpio as possibly the most intricate, involved and to say the least, most complex of all the Zodiac signs.

Autumn is now rapidly advancing and thereby bringing impending hibernation with it. Gordon Mills words resonate well here, “Just remember in the winter, Far beneath the bitter snows, Lies the seed that with the sun’s love, In the spring becomes the rose.”

Scorpio, represented by three symbols, The Scorpion, The Eagle and the Phoenix expands on why Scorpio is so complex. This enigmatic creature is thus often seen representing life, death and resurrection in their manner of sting and destroy then rebuild and create nature.

  • Scorpio: destructive, deadly, competitive.
  • Eagle: insight, perception, exploiting for advantage, thirst for power.
  • Phoenix: rejuvenation, rise from ashes, transcend and transform, survivors

Scorpios have profound perception that equally balance with their passionately violent urges. Scorpios need outlets to deal with their overwhelming unconscious forces. Here we can see how Scorpio is in direct contrast with Taurus.

Taurus  sees life as simple and earthy, with sensuality serving procreation, with a violent temper IF seriously provoked.

Erotic sexuality often complicates Scorpio. More than often there is a deep-found aggression in the union of love and death as well as life and death and herein lies the Scorpios stumbling block.

They are deeply seductive with fierce jealousy and excessively possessive, so much so that very often they don’t realize the velocity of their stings and thereby end up poisoning themselves.


Sagittarius has now managed to harness the raw energy of Scorpio and has now developed a far more goal-directed culture. He reveals the unification of animalistic and spiritual components within human nature and has successfully created unity from the duality of the previously explored Scorpio.

Positioned opposite the Twins of Gemini, we find correlating patterns in them both being big thinkers and share their drive of ideas. Sagittarius’ arrow is the after all the perfect symbol of air. Knowledge and all the facets of knowledge is important to the Sagittarius, so not only are they delightful students, but also very natural teachers.

However, where Gemini has tolerance, but lacks understanding, Sagittarius is understanding even when intolerant. Sagittarius craves variety, quests and experiences, but his findings seldom satisfy him.

To the Sagittarius the journey is seldom about the destination, but rather about the search and the voyage itself. However, they do appreciate having a secure place to call home.


Capricorn indicates the beginning of the winter solstice and thereby one gets a deeper understanding of the introspective, brooding, dark character of the Capricorn.One-card Tarot reading using a Shadow Card as an outcome

Capricorns know the winter is coming and thereby they have unstoppable ambition. However, it is important to note that Capricorns have double-edged natures. First is that of goat tied to a post and miserable, while the other is that of a wild goat seen at the top of mountain peaks – free and on top of the world.

Capricorns are naturally cheerful souls, drawing energy within themselves, but very often also build structures around themselves too. Notice how Capricorns are opposite Cancer. Unlike Cancerians, Capricorns build their own kingdoms and invite all in… yes, even the most recluse of Capricorns because kingdoms are forms of power.

They are rational people and they know how to take control of their emotions as well as their situations due to fierce work ethics and natural managerial abilities.

Capricorns, future-focused characters, are not bound to  nostalgic pasts and have little to no regrets. They more than often capable to move on without glimpsing back at the grim emotional droughts they leave in their wake.


As the recluse Capricorn fades, we welcome the outgoing nature of probably the most outgoing extrovert of the Zodiac, the Aquarian. Being opposite Leo, you can identify how Aquarius shapes his ego merging water to cosmos and thereby new life. The perfect Aquarian vision of perfection is having a wonderful prosperous, harmonious community in which everybody wins.

Aquarians are wonderful humanitarians, Oprah, Galileo Galilei, Thomas Edison, Charles Darwin… the list is endless. Aquarians are reformers, innovators and the free thinkers of the zodiac. Water-bearers are bound to give rise to something new as they have an endless supply of water and insatiable energy.

However, left unchecked, this boisterous soul is very capable of many follies resulting in opportunism, shortsightedness, disloyal behavior and even complete his greatest nightmare, inertia.

THE twelfth SIGN IS Pisces,♓(fish) FEBRUARY 19 – march 20, RULED BY Neptune ♆

You can see the full cycle as you reach Pisces and thereby understand that the Pisces is often considered the most sensitive of the zodiac.

Sidney Hall's Uranian's Mirror depicting Pisces. Understanding the elusive Tarot-Zodiac Connection
Diagram 3. Sidney Hall’s Uranian’s Mirror depicting Pisces.

Understanding the elusive Tarot-Zodiac Connection

Pisces wonderfully demonstrate cycles, they head off in opposite directions only to reunite at a later stage and then again head off to pursue new adventures. Pisces, known for digging deeper and reaching further, tend to explore the unseen, the forgotten or even repressed world of what most people no longer see. They reunite that which culture finds aimless with the magical subterranean dreams, revealing cosmic unity and alleviating human alienation.

Pisces is opposite Virgo and thereby we can see that a positive Piscean is cheerful and sensual with a great appreciation of all life has to offer, but an underdeveloped Piscean can often have somewhat childish ideals with an intense fear of responsibility and a tendency of self-denial.


Beginning at the center point of the circle we see the four ancient elements.

Fire | Wands | Spirit

Creativity, Energy, Drive, Inspiration, Passion

Imagine having a wand and it’s power of manifestation in your hands.

Water | Cups | Feeling

Affection, care, desires, love, cleansing, relationships.

Imagine “Your Cup Overflows”

Air | Swords | Thoughts

Intellect, communication, self-expression, writing.

Imagine slicing your sword through the cloudiness of your mind.

Earth | Discs or Pentacles | Experience

Finance, growth, health, material, practical.

Imagine experiencing earth and all the gifts she has to bring.

decans-zodiac-tarot-and-planets - Understanding the elusive Tarot-Zodiac Connection
Diagram 4. Representing the Decans in Zodiac-Tarot Connection.

Understanding the elusive Tarot-Zodiac Connection

7 Planets and the Tarot-Zodiac Connection

As a keen Thoth reader and Kabbalist, I prefer to exclude the outer planets. Therefore I wish to focus only on the Seven Sacred Planets as per the ancient astrologers. That said, note that for all intents and purposes the Sun and the Moon are ‘planets’.


Beauty (as per Tiphareth) and thereby creativity, the will and passion.


Foundation (as per Yesod) and thereby that light which the Moon reflects to you, divination, imaginative, instinctive knowledge and subconscious.


Splendour (as per Hod) indicates ability and speed in analysis, communication and reasoning.


Venus shares the plane with Mercury and involves herself more with Victory (as per Netzach). She thereby grants you that which you cannot buy: desire, fertility, love, and passion. You can then ascertain how Venus grants you prosperity through nurturing these gifts .


Mars refers to strength (Geburrah) allowing us to rid ourselves of that which no longer works for us allowing us to move ahead with drive, focus, passion and sexuality.


Mercy (or Chesed) to me is a planet that needs quite some reflection because it is the first planet on the lower end of the veil, opening the formative world and granting us meaning and symbolism. Jupiter brings energy, expansion, growth and generosity. Jupiter adds the balance after Geburrah (Mars) that is so analytical as they share the same plane.


Positioned at the top of the Pillar of Severity is Saturn or Understanding (in Binah). Saturn is often misconstrued as a rather limiting planet. However, Saturn refers to spiritual awareness, the division and sanctifying intelligence is now complete. Here is where you place emphasis on the right side of your brain.

FYI on Outer Planets:

Albeit the Tarot-Zodiac connection does not often portray the outer planets, they do appear in the Tree of Life and more often than not bring much clarity to a reading.

Neptune would then be ruling Wisdom, which is the top sephiroth of the Pillar of Mercy and thereby balancing out the stern Saturn (Binah). It is here where we see the power of Water. Do unto others as you’ll have them do unto you, for we are One.

Pluto rules the Crown (in Kether), indicating admirable intelligence.

Earth, at the opposite end of Pluto, hanging off the bottom of the Tree of Life as Kingdom (in Malkuth)

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There is so much to write about pertaining to understanding the elusive Tarot-Zodiac connection, however this links in with a couple of articles I have written regarding Understanding the Tarot and the so do browse around in the Tarot articles. However, don’t forget the importance of your intuition in readings.

Please feel free to contact me for your intuitive, yet well-versed reading. I would be honored to do a personal reading with you. If you have any queries or questions, feel free to contact me or, if you wish to have personal mentoring sessions, I will gladly guide you.

As always, Blessed Be until we meet again!

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